AWAK Technologies Developed Novel Artificial Intelligence Kidney Disease Prediction Tool

AWAK Technologies has developed an innovative artificial intelligence model to enhance the care of patients with chronic kidney disease.

The KDPP model assists in evaluating the probability of kidney disease progression and the need for renal replacement therapy (such as dialysis or transplant) within specific timeframes of 1 year, 2 years, and 5 years.

AI is reshaping healthcare through machine learning-based data intelligence, delivering unparallelled insights. The groundbreaking AI models created using the CMUH iHi (ignite Hyper-intelligence) platform vividly showcase this transformative revolution.

These models provide clinicians with sophisticated tools for managing CKD, facilitating precise risk assessment and efficient resource distribution. 

This predictive AI model into clinical practise will help in bringing transformative solutions for timely detection and treatment of kidney disease to reduce the physical, mental and financial burden on the patients and the healthcare system.

This innovation signals the dawn of a proactive, intelligent approach to kidney care, marking a substantial advancement in healthcare technology and strategies for digital patient management.

The US FDA has granted breakthrough device designation for their artificial intelligence enabled kidney disease prediction tool.