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Bioretec Discovered First-of-its-kind RemeOs™ Spinal Interbody Cage implant for Spinal Surgery

Bioretec has unveiled the groundbreaking RemeOs™ Spinal Interbody Cage implant, a pioneering innovation in the field. These cages, specifically designed for the cervical spine, aim to restore intervertebral height and promote intervertebral body fusion.

The RemeOs implants offer a revolutionary solution as they are naturally absorbed and replaced by bone, eliminating the requirement for removal surgery and expediting the healing of fractures. This innovation has the capacity to render titanium implants unnecessary, allowing clinics to achieve their value-based healthcare goals while prioritizing efficient and patient-centred care.

The RemeOs™ implants are absorbed and replaced by bone, which eliminates the need for removal surgery while facilitating fracture healing. The combination has the potential to make titanium implants redundant and help clinics reach their Value-Based Healthcare targets while focusing on value for patients through efficient healthcare.

US Food and Drug Administration has granted breakthrough device designation for its RemeOs™ spinal interbody cage implant representing a breakthrough technology in spinal surgery.