Blue Arbour Technologies Developed Novel Restore™ Neuromuscular Interface System

Blue Arbour Technologies has developed the innovative Restore™ neuromuscular interface system for individuals with upper limb loss. 

This system seamlessly connects a patient’s nervous system and upper limb prosthesis to restore naturalistic hand and arm function, enabling unprecedented dexterity, speed, and reliability.

The Restore System is an investigational neuroprosthetic interface designed to detect voluntary nerve and muscle control signals for naturalistic upper limb prosthetic function. 

It comprises implantable intramuscular electrodes, a sensing unit that filters and processes electromyographic signals, a socket-mounted receiver for signal decoding, and software for system control. It's compatible with any commercial robotic upper extremity prosthesis.

This system can be implanted during amputation or upper limb reconstructive surgeries, addressing neuroma pain, phantom limb pain, or reshaping the residual limb. Unlike existing prosthetic control methods reliant on surface skin electrodes, Restore offers a direct connection to residual muscles and nerves, delivering reliable voluntary movement signals. 

This direct link enables unparalleled control over advanced robotic prostheses, allowing simultaneous and independent movement of finger, wrist, and elbow joints, surpassing the capabilities of surface skin electrodes. Early feasibility trials have demonstrated consistent motor signal capture for over five years.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted breakthrough device designation to the RESTORE™ neuromuscular interface system for people with upper limb loss.