Brixton Biosciences Launches Novel Coolio™ Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Brixton Biosciences has launched novel Coolio™ Therapy designed specifically for chronic pain management. Its innovative technology is poised to revolutionise the lives of individuals battling persistent pain.

Coolio™ Therapy has the potential to precisely target areas of pain with a single injection. This precision ensures that the treatment directly addresses the source of discomfort, offering a focused and efficient solution.

Coolio™ Therapy, introduces an innovative method for achieving prolonged pain relief in specific areas through a single injection. Animal studies have revealed the remarkable potential of this treatment, showcasing its ability to deliver relief for over three months.     

This feature is particularly impactful for individuals dealing with chronic pain, as it minimises the need for frequent treatments or interventions.

By addressing crucial unmet needs in pain management, Coolio™ Therapy presents a promising alternative for both patients and physicians. Its reliability in providing targeted and prolonged pain control introduces a new dimension to the toolkit available to healthcare professionals. 

This innovation not only enhances the quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain but also simplifies the management approach, potentially reducing the burden on healthcare systems.

Coolio™ Therapy has been granted the breakthrough device designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).