First-of-its-Kind LightStrike+ UV Robot Developed for Healthcare Facilities

Xenex Disinfection Services has introduced first-of-its-kind LightStrike+ UV Robot for healthcare facilities. 

This robotic system represents a significant advancement in the field of disinfection technology, as it is the first and only product of its kind designed to reduce pathogens on non-porous, high-touch surfaces within healthcare environments.

The LightStrike+ robot will perform microbial reduction on non-critical medical device surfaces that are visually free from soiling. It complements existing manual cleaning and disinfection practises in healthcare settings. 

One of the persistent challenges in healthcare facilities is the presence of dangerous pathogens on surfaces, even after thorough manual cleaning efforts. The LightStrike+ robot uses a xenon lamp to generate high-intensity pulsed UV light. This UV light effectively reduces the number of pathogens on surfaces, helping to break the chain of transmission from one patient or healthcare worker to the next.

These robots are applicable in various healthcare facilities, including unoccupied operating rooms, hospital rooms, and other clinical settings where non-critical medical devices may be present.

Many renowned hospitals around the world, including HonorHealth, Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Ochsner Health System, Stanford Health Care, and Texas Health Resources, have integrated LightStrike robots into their comprehensive disinfection strategies.