Flint Rehab Launches MiGo, First-of-its-Kind Wearable Activity Tracker for Stroke Survivors

Flint Rehab announced the launch of MiGo, a wearable activity tracker, specifically designed for stroke survivors.

MiGo tracks upper extremity activity-in addition to walking and is optimized for the movement patterns performed by individuals with stroke.

A smartphone app accompanies the device, providing motivational support through digital coaching, progressive goals setting, and social networking with other stroke survivors.

MiGo is a new type of wearable that helps people regain their independence after a stroke. Using this activity tracker, stroke survivors can take their recovery into their own hands.

This wearable activity tracker, MiGo, addresses the problem of learned non-use by motivating stroke survivors to use their impaired side.
MiGo precisely tracks how much the wearer is using his/her impaired side using deep-learning algorithms.

It will provide them with an easy-to-understand rep count throughout the day. It will provide an intelligent activity goal that updates every day based on the wearer's actual movement ability, ensuring user stays continuously challenged at the level appropriate for them.  It will give the stroke survivors rewards and positive feedback right on their wrist as they work to hit their daily goal.

MiGo, the first ever online activity tracking system is made just for stroke survivors.

Users can join groups to share their activity data and collaborate with other stroke survivors to achieve group goals. And, group members can also share their experience using this app and offer encouraging support to each other.