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HistoSonics Developed Novel Non-invasive Edison® Histotripsy System for Liver Tumour

HistoSonics developed the groundbreaking Edison® Histotripsy System, designed for non-invasively destroying liver tumours. It allows for either partial or complete elimination of unresectable liver tumours through histotripsy.

This image-guided sonic beam therapy system utilises exclusive technology and advanced imaging for precise, non-invasive, personalised treatments. Histotripsy, based on focused sound energy, generates controlled acoustic cavitation to mechanically break down and liquefy targeted tissue at sub-cellular levels.

The novel mechanism of the technology offers significant patient advantages, notably enabling rapid recovery and tissue resorption at the treatment site. The platform's unique capability provides physicians with continuous real-time visualisation and control over tissue destruction, a feature unmatched by current modalities.

Histotripsy shows vast potential for patients with liver tumours. By effectively destroying these targeted tumours, it creates opportunities for downstaging patients and facilitating their readiness for surgical resections or transplantation.

Following its recent FDA Dae Novo clearance, HistoSonics administered the world's initial targeted liver tumour treatments using the Edison System.