Inflammatix Discovered First-of-its-kind for TriVerity™ Acute Infection and Sepsis Test System

Inflammatix has discovered first-of-its-kind TriVerity™ Acute Infection and sepsis test system.

The TriVerity Test System's components, the Myrna™ Instrument and the TriVerity Test, are designed to be a game-changer in emergency medicine. By focusing on adult patients with suspected acute infections or sepsis, this system aims to provide quick and accurate diagnoses crucial for timely interventions.

Emergency departments often require rapid assessments, and having a specialised tool like the TriVerity Test System could significantly improve the speed and precision of identifying these critical conditions, potentially saving lives and enhancing patient care.

The TriVerity Test is specifically engineered to deliver three separate assessments, indicating the probability of a bacterial infection, the likelihood of a viral infection, and the risk of severe illness within seven days of a patient arriving at the emergency department, determined by the potential need for critical organ support.

The TriVerity™ acute infection and sepsis test system, consists of two components such as the Myrna™ instrument and the triverity test. This innovative test utilises a set of 29 messenger RNAs (mRNAs) to interpret the body's immune response, generating three distinct outcomes.

These outcomes aid in the diagnosis and prediction of adult patients with suspected acute infection or sepsis upon their arrival in emergency departments across the United States.

The TriVerity™ acute infection and sepsis test system has received FDA breakthrough device designation.