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KORU Medical Systems Launches First-of-its-kind FREEDOM60® Infusion System With Hizentra® 50 ML Prefilled Syringes

KORU Medical Systems has launched first-of-its-kind FREEDOM60® Infusion System with Hizentra® 50 mL prefilled syringes (PFS).

It is the first and only FDA-cleared infusion system for use with prefilled syringes to improve the patient experience for everyone self-administering subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg) therapy at home.

The FREEDOM™ Infusion System, the sole infusion system cleared for prefilled syringe use, greatly broadens PFS benefits, particularly for patients needing 50 mL or more. 

This clearance for FREEDOM60® significantly aids individuals with conditions necessitating higher immunoglobulin doses. When using prefilled syringes with the FREEDOM™ Infusion System, patients can slash drug preparation tasks by up to 80 percent compared to vial usage.

The utilisation of prefilled syringes has demonstrated a substantial enhancement in user convenience for all patients, facilitating the administration of higher doses of immunoglobulin, notably for PIDD and CIDP patients. 

The advantages of prefilled syringes could now be extended to Hizentra® patients via the FREEDOM™ Infusion System portfolio, which includes the FREEDOM60® Infusion System equipped with 50 mL PFS and the FreedomEdge® furnished with 20 mL PFS.