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Mirxes Discoveres Novel GASTROClear™ for Advancing Blood-Based Cancer Early Detection

Mirxes introduces a pioneering solution, GASTROClearTM, an in vitro diagnostic test grounded in PCR technology, designed to detect gastric (stomach) cancer at its early stages.

GASTROClearTM is the world's first molecular blood test designed for early detection of gastric cancer. It has the potential to revolutionise how this disease is managed and treated.

One of the key advantages of GASTROClearTM is its non-invasive nature. Traditional screening methods for gastric cancer are often costly, invasive, and associated with low patient compliance.

This liquid biopsy approach holds the promise of enabling early interventions, leading to more effective management of gastric cancer and ultimately improving both quality of life and survival rates. By detecting the disease at an early stage, physicians and patients can pursue curative treatment options that are more likely to succeed.

GASTROClearTM addresses these challenges by providing a minimally invasive blood test that can be more easily adopted and accepted by patients.

Gastric cancer is a serious global health concern and a major cause of cancer-related deaths, especially in Asia. Due to the lack of accurate and easily accessible mass screening tools, most cases of gastric cancer are diagnosed at advanced stages, when treatment options are limited and prognosis is poor.

GASTROClearTM receiving FDA's breakthrough device designation signifies a significant step forward in combating gastric cancer.