Nanyang Technological University Discovered New chip for Diagnostics and Precision Medicine

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University have created a coin-sized chip device capable of isolating blood plasma directly from a tube of blood within a mere 30 minutes. 

This innovation offers enhanced convenience and user-friendliness when compared to the current gold standard, which involves a multi-step centrifugation process.

ExoArc accomplishes high blood plasma purity in a single step, eliminating over 99.9 percent of blood cells and platelets with precision and gentleness. This advancement significantly expedites clinical analysis and biomarker screening for specific cancers and diseases.

The ExoArc team conducted clinical validation by analysing the microRNA profile of blood plasma in both healthy individuals and cancer patients, employing a biomarker panel. The findings demonstrated the chip's ability to accurately diagnose non-small cell lung cancer.

As a proof-of-concept, a portable prototype device was constructed to house the ExoArc chip. It features a large touch-screen interface for adjusting settings, along with internal pumps and piping for blood sample processing and isolated plasma collection.

Additionally, the purified blood plasma holds promise for another practical application in precision medicine: screening and distinguishing healthy individuals from those with Type 2 diabetes.