Paragon 28 Discovered First-of-its-kind Mister Tendon™ Harvester System for Flatfoot Reconstruction

Paragon 28 introduces the groundbreaking Mister Tendon™ Harvester System, revolutionising tendon transfer procedures with its minimally invasive approach. 

The Mister Tendon™ System, enables surgeons to precisely harvest a suitable length of the flexor hallucis longus (“FHL”) or flexor digitorum longus (“FDL”) tendon through a small incision, significantly reducing trauma to surrounding tissues.

Use of this instrumentation through a minimally invasive approach, aims to enhance healing and expedite recovery times in flatfoot reconstruction. Complementing the harvester, an accessory dilator instrument facilitates gentle soft tissue dissection, improving access without causing undue damage. 

The launch of a minimally invasive tendon harvester delivers on the pledge to innovate less invasive instrumentation and implants for the foremost procedures in foot and ankle surgery.

With the noted trend towards minimally invasive surgery, surgical instrumentation must evolve accordingly to facilitate these procedures effectively. 

This innovation in surgical instrumentation marks a paradigm shift, seamlessly adapting to the dynamic demands of modern medicine while respecting the insights gleaned from traditional practises.

The Mister Tendon Harvester™ embodies this principle, enabling surgeons to harvest tendons of desired length through thoughtfully designed, minimally invasive techniques.

This approach not only achieves surgical objectives but also preserve the integrity of the anatomical region, sparing it from needless disruption and safeguarding the delicate soft tissue and microvasculature. 

Thus, the Mister Tendon Harvester™, represents a paradigm shift in surgical instrumentation, aligning seamlessly with the evolving needs of modern medicine.