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Q'Apel Medical Introduced New Hippo Aspiration System for Stroke Thrombectomy

Q'Apel Medical has introduced groundbreaking 072 Hippo Aspiration System, a cutting-edge technology designed to address the urgent needs of patients enduring strokes caused by significant vessel blockages.

The FDA-approved stroke system, featuring the 072 Hippo Aspiration Catheter alongside its companion, the Cheetah, marks a pivotal advancement in emergent neurovascular intervention. 

With its groundbreaking adaptive tip, the Hippo catheter sets a new standard in precise clot engagement and removal. This proprietary technology guarantees tailored performance, effectively addressing diverse clot morphologies and sizes, signifying a significant leap forward in stroke treatment precision. 

The real-time visibility and control provided by this feature are pivotal during critical procedural phases, offering insights previously unavailable to physicians. Confirming engagement with the culprit blockage becomes more precise, significantly increasing the likelihood of high first-pass success. This reduction in passes not only improves outcomes for stroke victims but also ensures better functional recovery.

The adaptive tip of the Hippo catheter pairs seamlessly with the Cheetah, an agile guiding companion engineered to expedite the delivery of the Hippo directly to the clot site. In the critical context of stroke, where every minute costs approximately 2 million neurons, speed is absolutely paramount. 

This dynamic Hippo-Cheetah combination ensures swift action, facilitating a notably high rate of first-pass recanalization, crucial for optimal outcomes in stroke intervention.

The adaptability of the Hippo to diverse clot shapes is truly remarkable. Its capacity to engage the clot consistently, irrespective of angulation, represents an unprecedented feat in aspiration catheter technology. When coupled with the user-friendly Cheetah delivery tool, this system proves to be not just rapid and effortless but also holds the promise of transforming practices and streamlining costs within medical interventions.