Recor Medical Launched First-of-its-kind Paradise™ Ultrasound Renal Denervation (uRDN) System

Recor Medical has introduced the innovative Paradise™ Ultrasound Renal Denervation (uRDN) System, pioneering a new approach to treating hypertension. 

This groundbreaking technology utilises ultrasound to target and deactivate overactive sympathetic nerves surrounding the renal arteries, thereby lowering blood pressure.

The Paradise uRDN system administers two to three doses of 360-degree ultrasound energy, each lasting seven seconds, directly to the surrounding nerves via the main renal arteries. What sets it apart is its exclusive HydroCooling™ system, which circulates sterile water through the catheter's balloon during the procedure. This cooling mechanism helps safeguard the inner layers of the renal artery.

Hypertension stands as a significant global health challenge, contributing to heightened cardiovascular risks, diminished quality of life, and increased healthcare expenses. Despite efforts like lifestyle modifications and multiple medications, a considerable portion of patients remain untreated or uncontrolled.

For these individuals, the Paradise uRDN system offers a promising adjunct therapy option. By addressing hypertension in patients who haven't achieved desired blood pressure levels through conventional means, it opens new avenues for managing this pervasive condition.