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Renovos Biologics Discovered New RENOVITE® Synthetic Nanoclay Gel

Renovos Biologics has unveiled its latest flagship product, RENOVITE® BMP-2 (Bone Morphogenic Protein 2).

RENOVITE® BMP-2, an exclusive synthetic nanoclay gel, represents an ongoing effort to create a safer and more efficient option compared to existing bone graft materials. This specialised gel fosters secure and precise bone fusion by preventing BMP-2 leakage, while also naturally degrading as fresh bone structures develop.

RENOVITE® BMP-2 is undergoing development as a substitute for traditional bone graft materials in the context of interbody spinal fusion.

This breakthrough marks the introduction of RENOVITE®, Renovos’ innovative nanoclay therapeutic delivery platform dedicated to precision in regenerative medicine. The user-friendly injectable gel facilitates exact and localised bone formation at the intended area. Infused with BMP-2, a growth factor that stimulates the growth of bone-forming cells, it fosters targeted bone development.

RENOVITE® BMP-2, as the inaugural product from RENOVITE® platform technology, presents an unparallelled chance for precise, focused tissue regeneration. Its simplicity, safety, and ability to retain effectively offer a transformative remedy for addressing debilitating orthopaedic spinal conditions prevalent among an expanding ageing demographic.

The FDA has granted breakthrough device designation to RENOVITE® BMP-2, recognising its exceptional capacity to retain therapeutics precisely at the repair site.