Simpson Interventions Unveils Breakthrough Acolyte™ Image Guided Crossing and Re-Entry Catheter System

Simpsons Interventions has introduced a ground-breaking device known as the Acolyte Image Guided Crossing and Re-Entry Catheter System, setting a new standard in medical innovation. 

This system is specifically designed to aid interventional cardiologists in treating patients suffering from coronary chronic total occlusions (CTOs) who do not respond to conventional medical treatments. By offering real-time optical coherence tomography (OCT) visualisation, it assists in guiding and placing guide wires during revascularization procedures.

Currently, approximately sixteen to twenty percent of patients diagnosed with coronary artery disease experience CTOs. These occur when a coronary artery becomes completely obstructed by plaque build-up, presenting significant challenges for interventional cardiologists who often struggle to navigate these blockages using existing standard treatment options.

Failure to successfully navigate a CTO can prevent the utilisation of minimally invasive revascularization techniques such as angioplasty and stent placement. Consequently, many CTO patients in the US end up undergoing bypass surgery instead.

The Acolyte Image Guided Crossing and Re-Entry Catheter System endeavours to address these hurdles by equipping clinicians with an innovative device boasting enhanced visualisation and navigation capabilities. Its primary objective is to enhance CTO traversal, increase procedural success rates, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.