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First Glove’s Manufacturing Providing a High-Quality, Nitrile Exam Glove for Hospitals

Donna Schwontkowski

Donna Schwontkowski

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With two master's degrees and over 25 years of experience, Donna Schwontkowski has an Extensive medical background knowledge on stem cells, diabetes, spinal care, disease treatments, mesothelioma, hyperbaric oxygen, PEMF, Permaculture, high blood pressure, and more. Working as the Health & Fitness Magazine Editor-in-Chief since 1996.

This article awards a new brand of Nitrile Examination Gloves the Best Glove for Medical Professionals in 2022. Nitrile Gloves are used during medical examinations and procedures to help prevent cross-contamination between caregivers and patients.

When a company stands up for its clients on multiple levels that can only result in becoming a leading manufacturer & distributor in that market. First Glove – the fastest growing glove manufacturer in South East Asia and distributor in North America – has done exactly that. Providing a vertically integrated end to end solution. Resulting in increasing quarterly market share. Right now their team efforts focus their own Hospital procurement, providing high-quality gloves with additional services that are convincing GPO’s and small hospitals they are the new alternative to the Medline’s & Cardinal Health’s of the world.

Providing a better solution for hospitals means getting right in there with those who use gloves. Nurses, Doctors and other important staff members finding out the needs that haven’t been met yet in the industry, applying creativity and logistics, and solving their problems. That intensive groundwork has been proven key to developing better gloves, packaging and ordering systems.

“After speaking with front line healthcare workers we were shocked to hear of the quality of gloves that they were receiving from some of the biggest healthcare suppliers in the world. It seems these companies and their purchasing offices have chosen greater profit margins but forgoing quality for their staff. Staff members often complained about sticky gloves and gloves that easily ripped.” We came in and were able to offer a better glove at a more competitive price and this has led to a significant shift in hospital systems moving away from the large monopolies in the industry and in-trusting First Glove in one of the most important supplies in the Healthcare industry.

First Glove’s Blue Exam glove was the result of building relationships with hundreds of health professionals in hospitals. Their goal was to exceed the performance specs that the medical industry required

“We started out developing several prototypes with different lengths and thicknesses that might work best. Next came the clinical trials to ensure that our Core Nitrile Exam glove gave Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and other healthcare professionals precision and control yet felt like silk. The final glove design ended up being well-suited for the finest of various range of everyday needs,” Co-Founder, Marlon Browar stated.

Why Nitrile Gloves? What are the advantages?

Nitrile gloves are ones that offer several different benefits. With these gloves that are comfortable when wearing for long periods of time, you can easily see any type of damage or tear, and easily replace them. This allows you to keep up the protective barrier of a high-quality glove. They can be molded to your hands and are also puncture-resistant and the materials resist degradation by chemicals. Nitrile gloves are also a known barrier for oils, solvents, hydrocarbons, and some acids and bases. And they are a good substitute for those who have known latex glove allergies.

One of the types of FDA-approved medical gloves manufactured by First Glove is the ASTM D6319 glove, a core exam glove that resists chemicals, viruses, and oils. This glove has a length of greater than or equal to 230 mm, fitting nicely over the wrist, a palm thickness of 0.07 mm ± 0.02 mm, and a finger thickness of 0.10 mm ± 0.02 mm. Even after aging of the glove, the tensile strength remains strong and the glove retains its elongation and elasticity properties.

Helping hospitals with their bottom line was the next goal

For hospitals, their concern isn’t only providing high quality gloves. It’s helping hospitals make positive changes in their processes and purchasing procedures to result in short and long-term cost savings and process improvement.

“The ease in the ordering and reordering process was critical for hospitals. We have an in-house team of web developers, UI/UX designers, which has resulted in additional cost savings for hospitals,” Co-Founder, Dean Segal said.

The success of First Glove’s Core Nitrile Exam Glove is in the process of changing the industry by making several other transformations within their competitive glove procurement industry:

• high-efficiency manufacturing production of highquality, reliable gloves
• conservation of energy during the glove-making process
• consistently solid prices that don’t involve a middle man, thus no mark-ups
• focus on building strong customer relationships
• distributor partnerships around the world, with 30-60 per cent margins
• the creation of personalised gloves according to customers’ needs
• adaptation of resources that have minimal impact on the environment

Regulatory compliance followed explicitly

First Glove is also developing their own line of biodegradable gloves as well, which will be released soon. And with over 16 different certifications by international governing bodies, First Glove’s quality standards meet regulatory compliance and FDA standards. The details on the standards may be found on their website,

Best Nitrile Exam Glove 2022

Through First Glove’s market research and design development we have awarded their Gloves the Best Nitrile Exam Glove for 2022. We believe that many other healthcare professionals will be switching their glove of choice to First Glove.

A company that cares

First Glove is a community-minded company as well. “With First Glove Cares, our people will give their time and donations locally in ways that are personally meaningful to them – because no one knows a community better than the employees who serve it.” We have partnered with the Bowery Mission donating 50,000 plus gloves to date.

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