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Issue 58 | 2022

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Issue 58



No more a good-to-have

Providing healthcare services means the timely use of health services to achieve the best possible health outcomes

Healthcare Management

Most of us think of economics as a subject to study or as a study of national performance basis the policies and politics

Workplace discrimination remains a fundamental problem in society and healthcare institutions are no exception

Building an effective diversity and inclusion strategy starts with considering talent management

Present and future trends

This is a vast topic which normally cannotbe encompassed

Medical Sciences

According to the World Health Organisation WHO more than per cent of the world population suffers from IgE Immunoglobulin E mediated allergic diseases such as allergic asthma allergic rhinosinusitis allergic conjunctivitis eczemaatopic dermatitis and anaphylaxis

The need for international cooperation

During the past decades and due to the improvements in cardiology and cardiac surgery the number of adults with congenital heart disease ACHD has increased and so has the need to treat the consequences of palliative or corrective surgery in the youth

Currently cardiovascular diseases CVD is the leading cause of mortality in India Ischemic heart disease IHD and stroke are the predominant causes and are liable for per cent of CVD deaths

At the start of haemodialysis we often find air bubbles remaining in the blood circuit Nevertheless these air bubbles flow into the patients body soon after haemodialysis is started

Surgical Speciality

Energy devices used during surgeries regardless of open or laparoscopic procedures can generate surgical smoke

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Quality is a function of intent and thought First of all quality begins in the mind

Facilities & Operations Management

The Covid pandemic highlighted many inequalities in healthcare around the world

Information Technology

The Role of Technology

The demand for mental health support is rapidly growing

Recommendations from Saudi Arabia’s Journey

Information and Communication Technology ICT has had a significant impact on the quality and safety of patientcentred healthcare delivery in diagnosis management and monitoring of communicable and noncommunicable diseases


Greiner BioOne offers a whole product line for venous blood collection

Dose Creep was ranked th out of the Top Health Hazards for

Innovation in digital health is accelerating in the Asia Pacific region

When a company stands up for its clients on multiple levels that can only result in becoming a leading manufacturer distributor in that market

The German manufacturer celebrated the official opening of its Chinese facilities

The new subsidiary is based in Foshan an upandcoming city of millions northwest of Hong Kong