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Issue 30 | 2014

  • Healthcare Management
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Issue 30


Healthcare Management

What is Transformational Care A common request I get from consulting clients on transformational care projects is for a standard template to help stakeholders in their implementation

The challenge for health services in the UK is to create capacity in the community for the increasing number of older people so that they can be cared for close to home Local community hospitals attract strong support from their communities and are successfully extending their role to meet increasing needs

Technologyenabled healthcare has the potential to revolutionise the way people receive and manage care by collaborating technologies analytics and process innovation This will drive the next wave of investment in the South East Asia region The real value of Healthcare IT is derived only by continuous innovation in both product and service based tec...

Technology, Equipment & Devices

The Mercy experience

Mercys research department develops information from electronic information systems to support quality improvement and operational efficiencies that generate revenue A major research effort was a Unique Device Identifier UDI project which resulted in operational efficiencies and a database that is being used for comparative effectiveness and safety...

A US television commercial for Berlitz language courses begins with a senior officer briefing a draftee on how to man the station before leaving him on his own No sooner had the officer left than a desperate call crackled over the radio May day May day Hello Can you hear us We are sinking WE ARE SINKING

Facilities & Operations Management

To improve planning and design in healthcare facilities

Operational planning studies play a vital role in healthcare facility planning It assists clients in obtaining goals of improvised quality efficiency and experience Lean operational planning is a methodology that draws upon the ability to specify details on objectives that can be achieved and carried out by front line staff Both operational plannin...

Should the availability of easy wayfinding simply put finding ones way to a destination options in hospitals be of concern to health facility designers and executives From a broader perspective of patient wellbeing it makes sense that patients visitors and family member

Information Technology

The introduction of the Diagnosis Related Groups DRGs in ushered in serious disruptions in healthcare industry and had been attributed by different authors to cause closure of many hospitals and many consolidations and mergers Garner CB JacobsenWells J The healthcare industry today is impacted probably on a more serious scale by many different d...

New innovative technologies delivering more measurable outcomes

The global healthcare sector is on the cusp of a tipping point and this is more acutely evident in SouthEast Asia as the region grapples with key issues such as a rapidly aging population a chronic NonCommunicable Diseases NCDs epidemic and a steady rise in healthcare cost to name a few

Over the past couple of years there seems to have been a distinct change in the kind of questions healthcare IT executives have been asking us at IDC Health Insights Previously the questions were invariably about which clinical or administration solution provider

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