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eHealth Revolution

New paradigm for healthcare information technology

We are moving towards a digital era where more and more things are electronic so more so than ever before the healthcare provider needs to know everything about it Kurt Long CEO FairWarning..

Healthcare Management

Next Wave of Investments in Southeast Asia

Technologyenabled healthcare has the potential to revolutionise the way people receive and manage care by collaborating technologies analytics and process innovation This will drive the next wave of investment in the South East Asia region The real v..

Improving Local and Community Care for Older People

The challenge for health services in the UK is to create capacity in the community for the increasing number of older people so that they can be cared for close to home Local community hospitals attract strong support from their communities and are s..

Achieving Transformational Care

Achieving Transformational Care clarifies misconceptions shares insights best practices and strategies on how to optimise existing resources redefine workflow and utilise technology to achieve quality and meaningful patientcentred care that is sustai..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Preventing Medical Errors with Proven Bar-Code Technology

Barcode technologies which have proven effective at pointsofsale in stores and during orderfulfillment in warehouses are preventing errors at pointsofcare and during medication preparations in hospitals..

Medical Device Research at a Regional Health System

The Mercy experience

Mercys research department develops information from electronic information systems to support quality improvement and operational efficiencies that generate revenue A major research effort was a Unique Device Identifier UDI project which resulted in..

Facilities Operations

Designing Navigation Friendly Hospitals

While navigating complex healthcare facilities has been acknowledged as a critical issue by healthcare administrators for decades the main focus has been on sign and map systems This article discusses the findings of a study that examined physical de..

Using Operational Planning Studies

To improve planning and design in healthcare facilities

This article highlights case studies in the use of lean principles and op erational planning that impact the plan and design of healthcare facilities The role of operational studies on determining facility size operational efficiencies process improv..

Information Technology

Emerging Technology Trends in Asian Healthcare Organisations

Emerging technologies will come together in unprecedented ways to create efficiency and sustainability in healthcare Mobility solutions will be the key technology in Asia with a high adoption rate of smartphones and tablets Cloud will provide the ess..

The Future of Healthcare

New innovative technologies delivering more measurable outcomes

With new innovative technologies delivering more measurable outcomes that result in healthier patients hospitals can renew their resolve to provide the best care for those in the most need..

eHealth Revolution - The transformation and strategies

Since the automation of administration and financial functions in the 1950s the healthcare industry is experiencing a new wave of digitalisation Biesdorf S Niedermann F 2014 which may be considered by many as eHealth revolution The winners are those ..