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Healthcare Technology

The altering landscape


Healthcare Management

How Information Therapy can Heal the Indian Healthcare System

The Indian healthcare system is sick what can we do to heal it In fact even the term healthcare system itself is a misnomer In reality what we have in India is a medley of doctors who are used to providing episodic care to people when they fall ill ..

The Future of Healthcare

It’s Connected, Personal and Team-based

Health systems in Asia are overly reliant on acute and specialist care while rapidly ageing and complex chronic patients require greater care beyond the hospital Integrated and predictive care models will help engage patients earlier and more consist..

From Drawers to Digital

Evolving health ecosystem in India

This article will include the evolution the current state the issues and challenges and foresight into where Indian healthcare segment can be at the current pace and where it ideally should be 10 years down the line It will also include how Health IT..

Person-centred, Consumer, or Patient Engagement?

Engage who?

Personcentred Consumer or Patient Engagement are essential for the prevention of and care for chronic health problems This article offers an overview of the various definitions of engagement the challenges facing their success and how people and heal..


Make in India for the world

The way forward for Indian IVD industry

Indias leading invitro diagnostic company has been manufacturing and supplying diagnostic solutions for over 35 years now Transasia BioMedicals Ltd has fortified its presence being recognised as Indias top manufacturer and exporter of diagnostic inst..

Facilities Operations

Dealing with Overcrowding in an Emergency Department

Using IT technologies and standardisation

Dealing with overcrowding a high per centage of sickness and a high level of stress among staff are universal problems in Emergency Departments ED In creating a new ED we chose to deal with overcrowding as our major challenge By using new IT technolo..

Information Technology

Impact of 5G Telematics

New technologies such as wearable wireless medical devices are transforming the way healthcare is delivered As these devices become more powerful and numerous the daunting challenge is whether the existing communications infrastructure can meet the r..

How Hospitals Define Value through Health IT

A review of value based on quality improvement

How do hospitals define value related to quality improvement The Electronic Medical Record Adoption ModelSM EMRAM is an eightstep process hospitals can use to analyse their organisations level of EMR adoption chart accomplishments and benchmark again..

Hospital-based Health Technology Assessment

A promising approach to evaluate new technologies for healthcare providers

Providers across the world are under tremendous pressure to manage their budget and deliver better services The cost containment measures in place do not guarantee a superior treatment outcome to patients Approaches assessing both costs and outcomes ..

Around the Connected Health World

Todays health technology world is fast moving and exciting but still full of wasteful reinventing the wheel and not invented here attitudes Collaborations alliances and above all effective communications are the weapons needed to overcome the obstac..

New Zealand Keeps Finger on the Pulse of Healthcare IT Solutions


Healthcare demands are set to grow significantly in AsiaPacific as the region experiences both a flourishing economy and ageing population..