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Issue 31 | 2015

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Issue 31



The altering landscape

Digitisation of processes has opened up a vista of opportunities for healthcare providers to deliver high quality services efficiently Innovations such as optical scanner needlefree diabetes care and remote stroke diagnosis help practitioners better diagnose the diseases and perform relevant surgical procedures Healthcare technol

Healthcare Management

Engage who?

People who are engaged in managing their health and healthcare can have better outcomes and lower healthcare costs In a study of more than patients at a healthcare system in Minnesota Judith Hibbard et al found that patients with low activation scores had costs that are eight to per cent higher than patients with the highest activation levels...

Evolving health ecosystem in India

Digitising healthcare is a vision aimed at making the world an even smaller place and bringing the patient closer to the provider if not physicallyvirtually Digital healthcare essentially circles around two main areas in healthcare accessibility and affordability This visionencompasses digitising all patient health records through an EMR or EHR int...

It’s Connected, Personal and Team-based

In Asia the share of population above years old is rapidly increasing and the region will be home to half of the worlds elderly and bear half the global burden of chronic conditions by Compounding this demandside challenge growth in workingage population is not keeping pace In China alone by the workingage population will drop

In most instances a cardiologist has no idea what the patients gastroenterologist is doing and they are so focused on treating the heart or the liver that they sometimes forget that these belong to a human being The only way to reform the healthcare ecosystem would be to make it patientcentric Patients or their relatives friends are intelli

Medical Sciences

Surgical Speciality


The way forward for Indian IVD industry

The Indian healthcare sector one of its fastest growing industries is expected to grow at a CAGR of per cent to touch US billion by

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Facilities & Operations Management

Using IT technologies and standardisation

Information Technology


AsiaPacific is home to more than million people over the age of and the size of group in the region is projected to double from per cent in to per cent of the total population by according to the UN estimates This will inevitably result in a greater number of medical conditions related to senior citizens and a much greater demand for spe

A promising approach to evaluate new technologies for healthcare providers

In todays healthcare environment providers face significant challenges to address both payers requirements and demographic changes Pressure from both payers and healthcare authorities increases to improve hospital efficiency and value delivered to patients At the same time ageing populations and increasing burden of noncommunicable diseases are cha...

A review of value based on quality improvement

The vision of improving health with information technology has been the focus of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society HIMSS since its establishment in Now as a missiondriven notforprofit and global enterprise HIMSS continues to focus on leveraging healthcare information technology IT to improve patient outcomes reduce costs and

All around the globe eHealth has been a buzzword over the past years or so Although according to European studies the pick up rate of ehealth in Europe is moderate demographic data in most countries are speaking a clear language and it is unlikely that well established care models with hospitals as their centrepieces will be economically viable an...