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Issue 33 | 2016

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Issue 33



For successful transitions

Its never easy but is always necessary Culture change is harder than trying to go in and fix something But culture change is important because otherwise you dont have sustainabilityJoseph Fortuna Chair of the American Society for Qualitys Healthcare Division Change is an essential conc

Healthcare Management


Health is being embedded in the growth story of the country as India charts an impressive growth curve that is being recognized at various global platforms JP NaddaUnion Health Minister Unlike a few decades ago the Indian healthcare industry is attracting more and more companies looking to enh

An essential element of healthcare success

Imagine the healthcare leadership that says We want to be the best but we dont want to change anything Sadly this is a sentiment echoed far too often throughout the healthcare delivery organis

Exploring different approaches for engaging physician leaders to deliver cost-effective and high quality care

When the Institute of Medicine published To Err is Human Building a Safer Health System in the report received a broad range of responses This was the first time most Americans had even heard of medical errors let alone that preventable errors were the cause of almost deaths and cost US billion in unnecessary healthcare expenses

Set for Growth

Changing demographics and lifestyles in China are the reasons behind emerging opportunities for foreign companies to operate hospitals clinics and care homes in the country And the need is now widening to include primary care rehabilitation and elder care The range of incentives for foreign investors is increasingly wide But there remain hurdles to...

Facilities & Operations Management

For high quality building

The subject of ambulatory care setting continues to grow and provides a much needed resource for urgent care primary care and speciality practices Ambulatory care centres can provide better access for patients and increase efficiencies in healthcare arena Design changes to these centres can be impacted with lean operational planning Lean is centred...

Information Technology

Think of fitness wearables as New Years resolutions Acquiring one is an act of optimism This will be the year I get more active more physically fit you think more in tune with me more in control For many people the act of acquiring a fitness tracker symbolises taking decisive action to improve their future Yet like many New Years re

The WHO Collaborating Centre on eHealth at UNSWAustralia is working towards in the development of EMRs allowing the developing countries easy access to universal interface to an EMR anytime anywhere In Bangladesh the work involved Bangladesh University for Health Sciences BUHS and its partners APuHC has been leading research in eHealth Healthcare u

An overview

A Hospital Information System HIS basically is a synonym for information management system at use in hospitals Hospitals generate a wealth of data round the clock days a year all of which needs to be well managed to ensure efficient functioning Patients visit such establishments for outpatient care in an emergency or get admitted for either a shor...