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Managing Change

For successful transitions


Healthcare Management

China’s Private Hospitals

Set for Growth

Changing demographics and lifestyles in China are the reasons behind emerging opportunities for foreign companies to operate hospitals clinics and care homes in the country And the need is now widening to include primary care rehabilitation and elder..

A Guide to Guard

Exploring different approaches for engaging physician leaders to deliver cost-effective and high quality care

The evolution of our healthcare system from a volumebased to a valuebased model is driving provider organisations to adopt patientcentric outcomesbased success metrics for operational processes in both acute and nonacute settings Within this new para..

Managing Change

An essential element of healthcare success

No surgeon would ever enter the operating room without a refined understanding of the relevant anatomy and physiology Yet one of the most compelling reasons for the chronically high failure rates of change initiatives is a limited appreciation for th..

Are Healthcare Professionals Prepared to Succeed?


Innovation within recruitment and talent development should gain greater momentum widening its remit to drive change improvement and forward thinking..

Facilities Operations

Lean Operational Planning in the Design of Ambulatory Care Centers

For high quality building

This article outlines the use of Lean methodology and the impact on design in the Ambulatory Care Center setting Case studies are presented to demonstrate the use of lean methodology on both operations and design strategies Lean is centred on what ad..

Information Technology

Designing Hospital Information Systems

An overview

This is an overview of how to design a hospital information system highlighting the fact that implementing an IT system invariably means a dramatic change in the way the various business processes are run Broad discussions on requirements management ..

Universal Interface for Electronic Medical Records for Developing Countries

Electronic Medical Records EMR have transformed the way information is managed in healthcare However developing countries face major challenges in the development of EMRs to suit their specific requirements Thanks to the proliferation of mobile phone..

The Future of Wearables

Fitness trackers health and activity monitoring wearables are increasingly prevalent yet focus primarily on data capture Design and materials approaches that merge precise data capture with clinically relevant reporting and positive user experiences ..