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Artificial Intelligence

Redesigning healthcare

Evolving usage of technology in our daily lives is changing the healthcare industry to a great extent Machine learning and Artificial IntelligenceAI are already facilitating significant advancements to drive efficiencies and improve the quality of care This transformation is promising to continue its significance in the coming years Every day an...

HealthCare Management

Eat or Be Eaten

Winning the merger endgame in Asian healthcare

A birds eye view of the global healthcare landscape reveals a market in consolidation and the implications for Asia are well worth considering In healthcare MA activity worldwide topped B With deals valued at B Asia accounted for per cent of the global pie For some healthcare players the endgame might be more apparent than others If youre not at...

Medical Sciences

Risk Assessment and Early Detection Key to Timely Treatment of Breast Cancer

As the incidence of breast cancer sees a sharp increase creating awareness about the disease and diagnosing it on time can make the difference between life and death for many women Among all the ailments that affect women breast cancer seems to be the most dreaded mostly because of the stigma attached to the disease and the apparent increase in...

New Approaches for the Development of Diagnostic Systems for Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer PCa is one of the most common malignancies of men The incidence rates are especially high in developed countries which have the oldest population profiles and therefore increased risk of prostate cancer around in prostate cancers cases are diagnosed in men over the age of The diagnostic incidence of prostate cancer across the US F...

Technology, Equipment Devices

Are We Close to a Global Ban on Powdered Medical Gloves?

Gloves are the most common type of Personal Protective Equipment PPE Gloves are considered a barrier protecting both healthcare worker and patient from the transfer of harmful microorganisms Powder has been used as a lubricant in the manufacture of medical gloves in order to facilitate donning and to avoid blocking of the glove Nowadays the more wi...

Facilities Operations

Modelling Facility and Operations in Design of and Transition to a New Healthcare Space

All across the world healthcare organisations face changes from their payers Insurers and governments are changing reimbursement models while the healthcare consumer the patient and their family is increasingly informed and discerning This pace of change is driving the need for improvement in healthcare management While operational improvement proj...

Information Technology

AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence AI is going to heavily affect how we will research diagnose and cure diseases in the very near future The adoption of machine learning tools and algorithms by physicians and researchers will be of incredible benefit for the whole community It will allow prompter and more accurate diagnoses help doctors navigate the plethora...

Leveraging Information Technology in the Healthcare BPO Industry

A recent Accenture report says that nearly per cent of health systems in the US will have selfscheduling by the start of That there will arise the need to focus on training machines just as much as training employees in the next years will be yet another impact of technology in the healthcare industry predict experts What does this mean exactly...

Patient-Physician Communication by Using Mobile Technology in Developing Countries

PatientPhysician communication is one of the foremost important part in patient care given the godlike stature of physicians in many countries This is critical for every physician to deliver a highquality healthcare Patient health outcomes depend on effective communication with the physician Many physicians encourage open communication and complete...

Harnessing Big Data Analytics to Deliver Optimal Care

With the advent of electronics age in healthcare humungous amounts of data of varied types from verifiable sources is continuously getting generated in everincreasing volume By analysing this big data for that is what it exactly is the practice of preventive medicine and ensuring continued wellness is now moving from the academic world of debates a...

Providing High-Quality, Physician-Led Team-based Care

Hear from the experts

Is teambased care new Does it need to be physicianled What benefits can this care model bring How to ensure high quality with a team comprising physicians nurse practitioners administrators and others Well teambased care is not new Its origins could be traced to sources including the Chronic Care Model in the s It is a strategic redistribution o...

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