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Achieving High Reliability

The zero harm way


Healthcare Management

The High Reliability Challenge in healthcare, continuing the journey

The healthcare industry has embarked upon several initiatives to raise standards of clinical outcomes quality and patient safety yet a lot more is needed to ensure the absolute best for the patient An exemplary case in point the aviation industrys re..

Assessments and the Crucial Role it can Play while Preparing Future Leaders in the Healthcare Space

What parameters would help identify successful leaders ie assessing leaders internally from Hospital administrators to COO of an organisation or from technical expertise to hospital administration Are leaders ready to take on newer roles How Assessm..

The Growing Trend of Open Innovation

Approaches is Stimulating Health Innovation

Collaborations between academia industry and government are increasingly creating the kinds of fertile environments where health innovation can sprout and flourish..

Rising to the Health Equity Challenge

Health Equity is not only poorly understood but poorly managed in most organisations and countries The difference between equity and equality needs to clear The leaders path to address these basic issues for Staff those we serve and the community is ..

Medical Sciences

Measuring the Health-Related Life Quality of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

High prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease CKD among the general population is a major global concern CKD can be treated Early diagnosis and effective treatment can stop CKD progression improving patients Quality of Life QOL This article overviews the..


Diagnostics Industry

Shaping the transformation of the healthcare industry

Long considered the silent champion of healthcare In Vitro Diagnostics IVDs influence over 6070 per cent of clinical decisionmaking while accounting for just 23 per cent of total healthcare spending But changes in the healthcare environment are drivi..

Facilities Operations

Surgical Safety in Operation Theatres

The patient safety in the operating room commences before the patient enters the operation theatre and includes attention to all applicable types of preventive premedication errors but surgical errors are unique and need to emphasised Potentially pre..

From ICU to I See You

Small things make a big difference in healthcare

Small Changes to Make a Big Difference in Patient Care Once an ICU patient for three months two of which were in a coma Nancy recognises the incredibly challenging job of medical professionals committed to delivering the highest quality healthcare t..

Improving Patient Experience, Safety and Progression through Care Model Redesign & Lean Management System

Care models help hospitals set up measures to ensure a positive patient perception to increase loyalty branding and to ensure smooth patient flow and pathways thereby increasing hospital productivity turnover Today as healthcare becomes an outofpoc..

Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

A in AI should stand for Assisting Augmenting and Amplifying AI is at the best an extension of NI What is artificial about it Can machines learning problem solving and other cognitive functions associated with the human mind be deployed in healthcare..

Use of Telehealth Technology to Increase

ED Capacity during Times of Surge

Emergency Departments ED usually function with limited staff trained for its proper functioning During times of surge the situation gets complicated due to nonavailability of sufficient resources Telehealth technology through its ability to bridge th..



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