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This Healthcare Magazine is the source for a plethora of unique Healthcare articles. Several notable figures in the medical industry, from top med schools and hospitals are featured in the Medical Sciences section, with their expert knowledge of the field.


Achieving High Reliability

The zero harm way

<p> </p><p><em>“Despite nearly two decades of intense improvement efforts, healthcare continues to be plagued by serious quality and safety problems. Too many patients suffer from preventable infections, falls with injury, medication errors and other adverse events.”</em></p><p><em><strong>Mark Chassin</strong>, President and CEO of The Joint Commission.</em></p><p>As

HealthCare Management

Rising to the Health Equity Challenge

<p>Health equity is a hot topic. It is a common issue rolled out by leaders when describing their vision for their high-performing healthcare institutions. It receives thoughtful nods, clear verbal support and declarations of it being a priority. But if they are pressed to describe specific progress they are making…or even what exactly they include in their definition of Health Equity, thin

The Growing Trend of Open Innovation

Approaches is Stimulating Health Innovation

<p>Singapore’s thriving entrepreneurial start-up environment is a case in point.  Singapore’s  government has recognised the value of innovative thought leadership and entrepreneurial experimentation and has set about providing the infrastructure and support needed to foster them with a variety of accelerator and incubator spaces.</p><p>National University of Singapore, f

Assessments and the Crucial Role it can Play while Preparing Future Leaders in the Healthcare Space

<p>Healthcare has become one of India's largest sectors both in terms of revenue & employment. The total industry size is expected to touch USD280 billion by 2020. The hospital segment is highly fragmented with ~90 per cent of the hospitals being established and operated by doctors & trusts and the balance are being managed by corporate hospitals chains. The age old unorganised and ext

The High Reliability Challenge in healthcare, continuing the journey

<p>The contemporary healthcare ecosystem is a complex entity. It is driven by huge expectations, limited by scarce resources and rampant with co-morbidities and complexities. Combine this with an ageing population, multiple inter-personal relationships within hospitals and less than optimal usage of information technology, and you have an environment that is prone to errors. Medication errors, hea

Medical Sciences

Measuring the Health-Related Life Quality of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

<p>The simultaneous assessments of medical care quality and outcomes are equally essential. However, routine measurement of patient’s Quality of Life (QOL) requires intensive attention. QOL instruments measure individual’s own views of his wellbeing. The core components of QOL are physical, psychological/emotional, functional, and work/occupational. QOL has been considered a crucial fa


Diagnostics Industry

Shaping the transformation of the healthcare industry

The transformation we’re witnessing in the healthcare industry today is unparalleled and sets the tone for the evolution we will witness over the next decade. I see three major drivers that will shape the future of our industry.

Facilities & Operations

Improving Patient Experience, Safety and Progression through Care Model Redesign & Lean Management System

<p>It is the duty of care providers to realise that a hospital is more than a business; it is an imperative service to patients and families and supporting them morally at the most challenging and critical times of their lives are our duty. Apart from keeping patients informed and engaged, mollifying the censorious environment, and ensuring that the patient feels supported at their stress times he

From ICU to I See You

Small things make a big difference in healthcare

<p>On May 15th 2005, on a flight back home after a speaking engagement in Atlantic City, I suddenly fell ill. I was too weak to walk and I had to be taken off the airplane in a wheelchair and brought to my local ER.</p><p>The following morning, I was transported by ambulance to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. I was sick—really sick. On dea

Surgical Safety in Operation Theatres

<p>Surgical care is a fundamental part of healthcare around the globe. Ensuring surgical safety in operation theatres is the need of the hour. A safe and salubrious operating theatre is achieved only through careful planning, maintenance and periodic checks, as well as proper ongoing training for staff.</p><p>An operating theatre is a complex system with numerous risk factors, including not on

Information Technology

Use of Telehealth Technology to Increase

ED Capacity during Times of Surge

<p><br />Emergency departments by nature exist to take care of those that are critically ill and demand attention of an immediate nature to lessen mortality. They require personnel with special skills to be able to discharge their required functions most effectively. For a number of reasons, such personnel are not available in sufficient numbers at the best of times. Their paucity is particularl

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

<p><br />The  term AI or Artificial Intelligence was first introduced by Mcarthy in 1956. I personally feel that the A in AI should stand for, Augmenting, Amplifying, Accelerating, and Assisting and in an Ambient milieu. What is artificial in AI? AI is after all an extension, a by product of the Natural Intelligence which Homo Sapiens are endowed with. Augmented intelligence can help expand



Delivering solutions for the future of medtech

<p>Innovative medical technology is an increasingly important driver for delivering efficiencies in the global healthcare system. Through advances in medical technology, precision engineering, micromanufacturing processes, and IT, medical devices and solutions have become more sophisticated, accurate and effective.</p><p><img alt="" src="

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