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Issue 53 | 2021

Issue 53



Improving efficacy and quality of life

The onset of the COVID pandemic resulted in increased use of telemedicine and video consultations A majority of hospitals and healthcare facilities across the globe have become COVID care centres in the past months

Healthcare Management

Asian countries are struggling to battle health issues affecting their youth population with noncommunicable diseases NCDs on the rise in recent years Based on United Nation statistics in Asia contains most of the worlds youth population years

Health management and building healthcare access have been my passion and foremost priority through the years of my professional experience In the early stages of my career as part of the Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS UNAIDS

Pain is a sensation which we all experience at various stages of our lives to a greater or lesser extent Pain perception varies from individual to individual Sometimes we dont require any medical support in order to get rid of this sensation and sometimes when its unbearable and uncontrollable medical interventions are mandatory

The lockdown opened a lot many different vistas for all in different walks of life and within that of different aspects of life Professionals Industrialists Business people Daily wagers Students Homemakers etc each of them was affected hugely

Better adherence and better control

It is estimated that more than billion people are suffering from chronic hypertension in the world twothird of them are living in low and middleincome countries Hypertension is still the most common modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular diseases worldwide

Integrating genomic insights within healthcare workflows

Our healthcare environment today is made up of complex health needs and healthcare systems which are often put to the test Generally there are underlying expectations placed on the medical industry about what would dominate the next era of healthcare

Known as the year of uncertainties was a rollercoaster for the healthcare industry as it was forced to adapt a number of new approaches which may well turn out to be blessings in disguise

Medical Sciences

Improving patient experience

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and accounts for nearly million lives in Asia according to a report in This indicates that there is a pressing need to provide good quality cancer care in Asia

Information Technology

The time has come

Globally billion people would benefit from some form of rehabilitation Rehabilitation services help maintain restore or improve skills for Activities of Daily Life

The years and will be bookmarked as the years when healthcare became a central theme of concern for the entire planet But as one looks one layer into this ecosystem one sees the vast convoluted often redundant and inefficient network of healthcare data security practices

An interesting approach was introduced in by Hou and coworkers which described a novel simple and inexpensive singlecell pHbased imaging method that allowed for the identification of cancer cells via common pH indicators and UVvis microspectroscopy

Moving to the forefront of AI

Stretched but coping That is the stark reality today for healthcare systems around the world that have been battling the COVID pandemic for over a year with the severity and impact of the virus coming in peaks and troughs


A leap in impact

Siemens Healthineers and Varian share a vision for shaping the future of healthcare and creating a world without fear of cancer thereby strengthening its position as a holistic partner in healthcare

For your most precious samples

The capillary blood sample is becoming increasingly popular as specimen material due to its simpler and less invasive sampling procedure One of the advantages is the low blood volume Small quantities are sufficient to enable a variety of parameters to be tested

Delivering innovative infection prevention technologies

Every day millions of people around the world visit a healthcare facility It may be a mother giving birth a grandfather receiving routine treatment or a parent visiting a sick child What they all have in common is a desire to leave the hospital as healthy or healthier than when they arrived

Targeted for excellence

Driven by its commitment to advance radiology today and tomorrow Guerbet has designed a portfolio of interconnected diagnostic imaging solutions to enhance decisionmaking at each point of the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and followup in order to efficiently improve patient outcomes This is UNIK