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Issue 37 | 2017

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Issue 37



Opportunities and challenges alike

The Southeast Asias emerging countries are expected to witness tremendous growth in healthcare spending by These include Indonesia Philippines and Vietnam which are witnessing a widening reach and expansion of their healthcare systems to serve thousands of patients that have for long been deprived of proper care According to the Economist Intellig...

Healthcare Management

The Triple Aim as described by Berwick states that the health of populations should be improved and at the same time the costs of the healthcare system should be reduced What is new in the Triple Aim is an emphasis on the experience of the patient in the healthcare systemThese three aims can take place without incurring additional costsIn fact the...

Conventional wisdom and thousands of business books spend an endless amount of time talking about the keys to outgrowing outprofiting and outmaneuvering your competition Many will use this wisdom to attempt to crush those in their path resulting in occasional usually shortterm success But there is another way There is another way to be successfulno...

Evolution is vital

Despite an increasing demand for higher quality healthcare fuelled by an expanding middle class the private healthcare industry has lost some of its lustre Hospitals in general are seeing a triple threat of general decline of medical tourism reduced margins and an increasingly competitive environment While external demand looks promising in the lon...

A welcome move in the healthcare industry

A health policy is a structured framework of a set of decisions and plan of action undertaken to achieve specific healthcare goals within the society These health policies help the government to implement and monitor various health services across the country to ensure basic health benefits reach citizens across all demographic and economic class W...

Who is there to address their woes?

Historically nursing in India had evolved under British rule The British Medical Services later known as the Indian Medical Services were the first to develop nursing as a profession in India Nursing as a profession has evolved over the years from being an art based human approach to a technology oriented science subject The role of nurses has c...

Medical Sciences

Cardiovascular Disease CVD is the number one killer in the world Globally about million people die every year due to CVD More than threefourths of the deaths occur in developing countries Sustainable Development Goals SDGs target is to reduce premature mortality through prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases by In the World Congres...

Symptoms, early detection and prevention

Head and Neck Cancer refer to tumours that develop in the region of mouth throat larynx nose and sinuses The symptoms of Head and Neck cancer may include a lump or a sore throat or a mouth ulcer that does not get healed difficulty in swallowing or change in the voice There may also be neck swelling unusual bleeding facial swelling or difficulty in...

It is hard to believe that years ago diagnosis of diabetes meant death Since the discovery of insulin in the mortality rate has decreased but people with diabetes have suffered from longterm complications leading to blindness kidney failure amputation and heart attack With time the focus on the management of diabetes has shifted from keeping pati...

Surgical Speciality


Technology, Equipment & Devices

Manufacturing and the future of medical things

The Industry I revolution is already redefining how we manufacture things today It sets out the concepts for how companies can achieve faster innovation and increase efficiencies across the value chain But in the world of medical device manufacturing which is burdened with regulatory compliance and is still largely dependent on paperbased processe...

Facilities & Operations Management

Information Technology

Why, what and how

Electronic Health Record EHR is a lifelong record of all the clinical encounters investigation results and reports etc that a particular person has throughout life All of these clinical documents need to be lined up and merged together into a single continuous document to help provide that persons healthrelated life journey Thus there is a need to...

Optimising telehealth services

Telehealth combines communications tools and health IT thus enabling healthcare delivery to bridge distance and time and provide high quality care irrespective of where the patient is located Through anytime anywhere providertopatient and providertoprovider connections telehealth improves outcomes lowers costs and supports care coordination Thes...

Shaping the future of healthcare

The healthcare industry has been undergoing tremendous change thanks to the ever advancing innovation in computing technologies According to a recent report released by Springboard Research the growth in healthcare IT market in India has been the highest in Asia A few studies also forecast Indian medical technology market to grow from US billion in...

IoT-driven medical devices service enterprises

Industries across segments are moving from selling products to selling services even wind turbines locomotives and jet engines are now sold as services The emergence of the Internet of Things IoT has now enabled medical devices companies to create a new business model premised on services personalization and other innovations IoT where physical...