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Issue 56 | 2022

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Issue 56



An Executives Special Issue

Digitisation has radically altered the publishing industry over the years Irrespective of technological developments print medium has its own place in the industry

Healthcare Management

What comprises good health For some having a good immune system and proper food consumption may suffice For others it is increasingly about taking vitamins minerals and other dietary supplements that offer functional benefits that we may not obtain from our everyday diets

A practicum education perspective

The world has seen a massive growth in the development and deployment of new technologies eg mobile phones drones Virtual Reality devices Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in healthcare resulting to cost effective higher quality virtual important during the Covid pandemic services

It is about time for us all to wake up Wake up to the problems that our mental states present Given the statistics of the number of people suffering from depression this is bound to have an impact on the businesses that we run given the productivity levels of the employees

The building of Axios International is very strongly connected with my experience of working with WHO as part of the UNAIDS Drug Access Initiative As a part of this initiative I was incharge of negotiating with pharmaceutical companies to launch one of the first antiretroviral ARV access programs in some of the emerging economies of the world which...

What the pandemic means for healthcare’s digital transformation

COVID exposed vast weaknesses in health systems around the world and has exacerbated gaps in quality and service while highlighting the critical role of quality healthcare during an emergency

Medical Sciences

How do we overcome them and what does the future look like?

In there were an estimated million new cancer cases and over million reported cancer deaths By the number of new cancer diagnoses is expected to rise by million annually and will continue to be one of the leading causes of death worldwide

Sight is the most precious of our five senses and accounts for of what we learn and remember However we are seeing the risk of losing the gift of sight rapidly increasing globally While there has been tremendous progress in advancing the trajectory of eye health over the years there is still a lot of work to be done

Atrial fibrillation AF is the most common sustained cardiac arrhythmia worldwide The currently estimated prevalence of AF in adults is around per cent


Missed fractures on standard radiographs are one of the most common causes of medical errors in the emergency department and can lead to potentially serious complications delays in diagnostic and therapeutic management and the risk of legal claims by patients

Information Technology

An exclusive interview with Krishnan Ganapathy

It started on September I had just finished delivering an institute lecture at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur a globally recognised institution

The Singapore story

Digital health may seem to be the elixir to achieving patientcentric health but theres more to patientcentricity than that For healthcare to be truly patientcentric it must first and foremost be integrated One Patient One Health Record as envisioned by Singapore

COVID has boosted datadriven healthcare There has been a boom in telehealth and innovation in data technology supporting pandemic response initiatives including genomic sequencing testing and tracing and the remote monitoring of COVID patients

When COVID first emerged it changed the norms of citizens daily lives worldwide within a matter of weeks Implementation of government regulations lockdowns and other precautions to slow down the disease spread and keep society safe have entirely altered how various services are provided

Cancer patients should have access to the best possible care no matter where they live In Asia the estimated number of cancer cases will grow from million in to over million by

A detailed need assessment study is the first step in this direction Risks in programme implementation challenges in providing tele consultants necessity for training retraining learning relearning and unlearning has to be considered

Blockchain is a distributed database of cryptographically chained blocks that aggregates value exchange transactions in a chronological order Each block in the blockchain is immutably recorded across a peertopeer PP network and each one is cryptographically linked to the previous block


New hospital bed provides relief on international wards

Lets take the height adjustment of the mattress base The Evario one has a range of to cm That is significantly more than many hospital beds especially in the upper range

In-person trade fair and extended online engagement

After the successful fulldigital edition in which saw participation from companies and over online visitors this year will see MEDICAL FAIR ASIA presenting a hybrid model a winning approach that brings the best of the inperson experience and essential digital tools so participants can continue to connect and engage

Learn, Experience, Share

As a familyowned and operated business Erbe develops manufactures and markets surgical systems for professional use in various medical disciplines all over the world