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Issue 59 | 2023

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Issue 59



Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare services without financial hardship

Healthcare Management

How should Asia prepare?

The disruption caused by COVID has created a rallying cry to build sustainable healthcare access for the people

In Asia the ageing population is expected to increase to per cent by from per cent in

How to improve your mental health while sitting at the workplace

The COVID pandemic has had tremendous effect on health systems in the majority of the worlds nations particularly in regard to the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals working at the forefront of the pandemic response on a regular basis Prior to the pandemic topics related to the emotional and mental health of healthcare professi...


Healthcare has always been seen as delivered by doctors in a brick and mortar setting where the patient reaches the structure in times of sickness

Poor employee mental health costs India Inc around US billion yearly

Medical education is metamorphosing into objectivity and every detail needs to be captured and replicated

Medical Sciences

Historical perspective and management of advanced heart failure

Advanced heart failure patients are severely ill and have exertional dyspnea on minimal effort or even at rest

A revolutionary therapy for cancer

The global burden of cancer is increasing at an alarming rate

This article is to sensitise the readers that in facilitating a good Quality of Death is as important as what doctors are normally taught

Aortic stenosis AS is the most common valvular heart disease in Western countries and is expected to become a larger healthcare concern as populations continue to age and the burden of atherosclerotic risk factors concurrently increases

Facilities & Operations Management

The recent Lancet Countdown report on Climate Change highlighted the impact of the healthcare sector in global emissions

Information Technology

The article here briefly discussed outlined the contrast between priorities for nursing management proposed in and the parallel developments on AI for healthcare and nursing management since then

The autism experience is different for different ASD affected people It is defined by a certain set of behaviours and is often referred to as a spectrum condition that affects people differently and to varying degrees


COVID posed unique challenges to higher education as our university adapted to onlinedigital platforms for all the activities from delivering lectures presentations organising competition hackathons events to a range of administrative pursuits

Greiner BioOne offers a whole product line for venous blood collection

Digital transformation has long been coming Paperbased systems have been replaced by electronic health records EHR and telehealth has gained traction