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Issue 60 | 2023

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Issue 60



Reimagining care delivery

In a landscape transformed by the pandemic patients willingness to use telehealth solutions has grown exponentially and virtual care is becoming the new norm

Healthcare Management

I have worked in healthcare for over two decades I started from the shop floor working my way up

A 48-year story

I was taken aback when an MNC with employees GS Lab GAVS asked me to virtually address their monthly Galvanizer Meet of senior executives across different continents

How human resources can foster employee retention in a post-pandemic workforce in healthcare organisations

In the spring of over a year after the COVID pandemic entered the global stage the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a staggering calculation over million people had voluntarily quit their jobs Cook

Medical Sciences

An urgent call to action

Colorectal cancer CRC is a pervasive and lifethreatening disease that affects millions of people worldwide

A global crisis in desperate need of innovation

In the United Nations UN issued an urgent call for all participating nations in Sustainable Development Goals SDGs to reduce neonatal mortality rates

Surgical Speciality

The approach of coronary artery bypass graft surgery CABG has been changing throughout the years with regards to the type of the bypass graft used


The power of deep learning in radiography

Chest Xray CXR imaging is a costeffective technique used by radiologists to diagnose various parts of the human body and detects diseases and abnormalities

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Cybersecurity risk is now patient risk

Connectivity and digitisation of healthcare and associated technologies has enhanced medical device functionality and increased benefits to both patients and users

Information Technology

As hospital systems adopt a broad range of medical IoT applications many are adding connected medical devices that put their healthcare operations

How virtual health has improved in-person patient interactions

Telemedicine is by no means a new idea but over the past few years we have seen unprecedented expansion evolution and a greater understanding of its potential to improve healthcare

A paradigm shift offering care continuum of multidisciplinary holistic interventions

In case of a cardiovascular disease CVD diagnosis cardiac rehabilitation CR is an effective modality that enhances the probability of reversal or recovery


Altera Digital Health is a global healthcare IT innovator that is driving a new era of healthcare

MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023 | 13-15 September

Preparations are in full swing as MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND makes its way to Bangkok once again in