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Issue 54 | 2021

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Issue 54



Driving the future of digital health

Technological advancements and the advent of modern care delivery models have in a way narrowed down the gap between physical and virtual healthcare environments Since the COVID public health emergency has increased the utilisation of technology to safely access and deliver healthcare

Healthcare Management

The pandemic has affected our lives in multifarious ways that we are still trying to ascertain still trying to bounce back from and ways that have left us wondering how we can transform our society for the better

The foundation of building a sustainable healthcare access ecosystem in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asias healthcare landscape has irrevocably changed Due to the demographic shifts the region has been experiencing such as ageing populations and the rise in noncommunicable diseases NCDs governments and healthcare stakeholders must now reassess healthcare expenditure and reforms to not only improve health ecosystems in terms of equitabl...

In a country like India where there is no scarcity of human resources material supplies and even though infrastructure is getting developed and impacted positively healthcare still remains a matter of concern

A game changing healthcare delivery model in Asia

Modernisation since the start of the th century has catalysed specialisation in line with the predominant economic thought of the era As was first espoused by eminent British economist David Ricardo the virtues of comparative advantage gave birth to focused industries and lean production leading many sectors of the economy to be more specialised

Medical Sciences

In all the discussions regarding vaccinationto have one or two or nonetheres a critical component missing our innate human capacity to heal ourselves our natural immunity

Heart transplantation has become an effective therapy for patients with end stage heart failure The success rate has now been translated to a median survival of close to eleven years Considering patients with end stage heart failure have a mortality that is close to per cent at one year this is a fabulous achievement from science and medicine

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Unveiling new possibilities in the treatment of atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation AF is a growing epidemic that affects over million people in the Asia Pacific alone This number is only expected to increase reaching as high as million by due to ageing populations and increased incidence of lifestylerelated risk factors such as obesity physical inactivity and hypertension

Facilities & Operations Management

For operating room treatments

Germicidal ultraviolet light disinfection contributes to reducing bacterial transmission and surgical site infections Treatment may reduce Coronavirus disease

Information Technology

NASA to send humans to the moon once again but this time we will stay This media release says it all This will be a forerunner to the manned mission to Mars With individuals already having gone into space in the last years and space tourism having started extraterrestrial healthcare is now a reality

The next frontier of virtual care

In a few short months during the initial periods of COVID telehealth went from almost nonexistent to boom and has begun to decline towards a yet undetermined state of normalcy At its height telehealth was projected to transform what was an estimated US billion in total annual revenue to a projected US billion in US healthcare spending post COVID

Looking toward the future of interoperability

These enduring thoughts are pondered by decisionmakers in the healthcare world where organisations and providers strive every day to work towards a solution to these nuanced and complex questions


Implementation of single data entry with efficient workflow and patient safety

Saint Borromeus Hospital founded on September th in is one of the oldest hospitals in Bandung Indonesia The hospital was started by six nuns from the Sisters of Charity of St Charles Borromeo Congregation

Communicating in times of crisis

Winston Churchill once said never let a good crisis go to waste The wisdom behind that statement is perhaps never truer or more applicable today than it did years ago as he uttered that now famous statement at the end of WW II

Accelerating healthcare technology innovation

Demand for our products and services began to dry up Our APAC business which grew at a consistent rate over the past several years quickly declined Hospitals cancelled all elective surgeries delayed essential procedures and banned nonemployees including our sales teams who were used to spending their time in hospitals supporting doctors in surgery...

The Covid pandemic has on one hand increased patient hesitancy towards physically visiting a health care facility and on the other increased the need for healthcare support The field of telemedicine in which clinicians use remote evaluation and monitoring to diagnose and treat patients has leapfrogged in the last two years

Canon MRI is evolving

Two years ago rather surprisingly to us the most common question that our employees received when promoting Canons technology globally to customers was Does Canon make MRI Following the sale of Toshibas medical division to Canon in the company name was changed to Canon Medical Systems in

The safety blood collection set

VACUETTE EVOPROTECT provides for gentle collection and safety from injury because we believe that every needlestick is one too many The safety blood collection set meets current safety recommendations and requirements and provides substantial support for safe blood collection and infusion with the same set

A holistic approach

The nd decade of the st century is where Guerbet has evolved from being a radiology pharma and device provider to a solution company which includes digital solution provider in diagnostic imaging The right diagnostics at the right time are increasingly important in enabling clinicians to make datadriven decisions