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Issue 55 | 2022

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Issue 55



Shaping the future of healthcare

Healthcare is shifting from the traditional providercentric inpatient setting to patientcentric virtual consultations with increased remote care monitoring

Healthcare Management

We are all defined by our behaviours quite literally so Our behaviour affects how we engage with not only the external world but also reflects on how we engage with ourselves

Entrepreneurship in healthcare technology is one of the fastest growing investments in the startups in the world today as seen from the reports from the venture capital industry

Medical Sciences

The impact of coronary stenosis for beating heart coronary artery bypass grafting

The coronary arteries supply the heart itself with oxygen and nutrients Severe narrowing of these coronaries stenosis might lead to chest pain or a heart attack

The survival of those who sustain an osteoporotic fragility fracture is significantly compromised for up to six years with patients facing twice the risk of death within the first year

Patients with liver cirrhosis often present with acute kidney injury AKI which is a cause of high morbidity and mortality

Contemporary multidisciplinary approach

Patients with symptomatic stenoocclusive disease have a risk of recurrent stroke of at least per cent within years

Challenges and opportunities

When a disease persists for a long time it presents different challenges Whether it is diabetes asthma or hypertension chronic disease management is the key

In our busy world full of easy conveniences many consumers choose highsugar highfat foods that are low in nutrients Leading a healthy life is easy to wish for but much harder to attain in an environment with so many unhealthy choices so readily available

The past two decades witnessed two recorded epidemics caused by the family of seven known coronaviruses Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus SARSCoV in and the Middle East Respiratory Coronavirus MERSCoV in before the third and also the most recent one started to emerge lately

Technology, Equipment & Devices

Reshaping the Future of Health through MedTech Innovation

The COVID pandemic without a doubt is the single most notable event in our recent history It has put healthcare front and centre on the agenda for governments healthcare companies and patients

Information Technology

The International Standards Organization ISO TC Health Informatics Committee developed a Technical Specification ISOTS Telehealth Services based on a risk and quality management approach

Diagnostics is the critical first step in the healthcare delivery chain as per cent of the treatment decisions are based on lab results