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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Issue 12



Socially responsible, efficient healthcare

It has been the fundamental premise that business organisations exist to create wealth for their shareholders ever since Adam Smiths Wealth of Nations laid the foundations of classical free market economic theory in the th century Several countries began building their economies on the free market model under which business organisations regard the...

Healthcare Management

In the Passionate Pursuit of Healthcare Excellence

The healthcare system in the United States is in disarray Communication among providers is poor Providers continue to function without adequate data thus preventing midcourse corrections when the service they provide is off the mark A shared organisational vision is lacking among healthcare providers The suffusion of information technology is slow...

Leadership and Strategy in Healthcare

It appears that everyone knows what leadership is However it is not easy to define the word leadership Websters New World English Dictionary explains leadership as the capacity to be a leader or ability to lead Indeed there are many legendary leaders in business history such as George Eastman of the Eastman Koda

Learning from complaints

There is a growing international interest in using patient complaints to address problems with quality in healthcare In New Zealand the complaint mechanisms under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act have become the primary vehicle for dealing with complaints about the quality of healthcare and disability services

Supporting strategy and structure

To consistently deliver superior clinical quality and value healthcare organisations must ensure that their strategy and structure are well coordinated Organisations that succeed will be able to deliver superior clinical care and outcomes and will have market advantage in brand reputation and operational efficiency Success requires work in four are...

Medical Sciences

All about interpreting

Christopher McLeod President of Life Sciences was quoted as saying Its the dawn of a new era when you can look at not just all the genes but all the genetic information that an individual has Were just on the cusp of making that economically feasible Is the hype associated with Genetictesting justified

The good, the bad and the confusing

The number of people affected by coronary artery disease is staggering The American Heart Associations reports that in alone there were almost deaths attributable to coronary disease in the United States representing in of all deaths In addition over million Americans suffer from the consequences of heart attack which include angina a

A review

The history of anaesthesia mentions use of nonpharmacological Cold Concussion Carotid compression Nerve compression Blood letting and Hypnosis and pharmacological techniques use of alcohol opium hyoscine cannabis cocaine in ancient and mediaeval times for anaesthesia onwards as anaesthesia became popular more and

Emerging opportunities

Diagnosing treating and tracking the progress of therapies for each type of cancer that exists has long been a dream of oncologists and one that has grown recently alongside developments in genomics proteomics and cell biology Now a revolution in nanotechnology is pushing personalised cancer treatment closer than ever before Future techniques in me...

Surgical Speciality

In the past decade minimally invasive surgical techniques have become prevalent in the field of cardiac surgery including minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass MIDCAB offpump coronary artery bypass OPCAB and minimal access atrial septal defect ASD closure and mitral and aortic valve surgery In addition to the development of new technolog...


A new methodology for measurement of lung vibrations

In the hands of a trained physician the stethoscope has been an excellent tool to assess the air moving through a patients lung But its usefulness is limited due to the range of audible frequencies as well as outside interferences The VRIXP is a unique new lung imaging system developed by Deep Breeze in Israel Based on the science of Vibration Resp...

Oral diseases and beyond

In October the New York Academy of Sciences organised a conference in Atlanta on Oralbased Diagnostics dealing with the diagnostic potential of saliva and its constituents Although blood is still the gold standard for diagnostics of diseases and drugs oral diagnostics has the same and may be an even larger diagnostic potential Principally all sub

Tapping the potential

Pointofcare diagnosticseither for home use or for a nearpatient environment such as the general practitioners surgeryare a potentially profitable growth area for the healthcare industry However there are several issues to be overcome before any pointofcare instrumentation can be successfully commercialised These include the demonstration of clinica...

Technology, Equipment & Devices

An emerging surgical revolution

Surgery on the human body is almost as old as history Evidence has been unearthed of surgery having been performed in ancient Egypt Greece India and China Throughout the millennia surgical procedures have evolved into effective and precise therapeutic interventions However the history of the surgical experience for patients is marked by pain blood...

What lies ahead?

How different are Biosimilars from traditional generics in terms of manufacturing and approval The differences between traditional generics and biosimilars are really quite fundamental Biologicals are orders of magnitude more complex both in structure and in terms of impurity profile compared to small molecules As

Ensuring effectiveness and security

Over the past fifty years implanted medical devices have undergone at least four major technologydriven paradigm shiftsmajor changes in worldview for designers users and recipients of such devices The first was the miniaturisation of electronics and batteries that allowed devices to be implanted entirely within the body

The growth factors

How important will be strategic alliances and partnerships for the growth of Indian pharmaceutical market Alliances and partnerships will be very important because of two reasons The Indian market has already entered into the patent era and Indian companies still have very lean product pipeline as of now Dev

Facilities & Operations Management

The design perspective

The field of healthcare designs is currently undergoing an exciting transformation that will significantly change the appearance of our hospitals More and more healthcare administrators and medical professionals are becoming aware of the need to create a healing environment that supports the needs of patients family and staff The key factor motivat...

Information Technology

Creating a stronger healthcare system

Rising costs ageing population and antiquated healthcare systems have put pressure on governments businesses and society to make significant changes in the delivery of care These challenges combined with the emergence of a new environment driven by globalisation consumerism demographic shifts increased burden of disease expensive new technologie...

Health systems around the world are facing numerous challenges including the rapid increase in the prevalence of certain chronic diseases limited funds and the pressure of an everageing population The shortage of health professionals to provide essential services is an important issue which both developed and developing countries are struggling to...

Lessons from Taiwan

Before computers became popular calculating rulers used by engineers and abacuses invented by Chinese have both been used as calculating tools In John Mauchly led the development of ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator ENIAC was the first programmable electronic calculator in the world and it replaced the original mechanical compon...