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Socially responsible, efficient healthcare

Socially responsible, efficient healthcare

Healthcare organisations whether owned by the state or privately either forprofit or not shall provide incentives for efficiency emphasise on safety and have measures to practice and communicate socially responsible behaviour..

Healthcare Management

Safe and Reliable Healthcare

Supporting strategy and structure

Effective leaders translate their strategic goals into a few simple statements that everyone working in the organisation can understand and to which they can align their behaviour..

Healthcare in New Zealand

Learning from complaints

Quality improvement measures made across the health sector as a result of complaints made to the Health and Disability Commissioner are evidence that investigating systemic failures in care and recommending improvements is making a positive differenc..

Leadership and Strategy in Healthcare

Leadership and Strategy in Healthcare

Hospital leaders should formulate and communicate vision for the institution They should also continuously keep evolving the vision and motivate the followers to accomplish the mission..

In the Passionate Pursuit of Healthcare Excellence

In the Passionate Pursuit of Healthcare Excellence

Its time for healthcare organisations to adopt drastic changes in their existing systems in order to reduce medical errors and deliver quality healthcare..

Medical Sciences

Cancer Nanomedicine

Emerging opportunities

Nanotechnology has many advantages when applied to medicine However continued research into disease processes at the molecular level is essential for its development..

New Drugs in Anaesthesia

A review

New drugs are being developed in anaesthesia so as to reduce the number of sideeffects and to improve patient outcome..

Stem Cell Therapy

The good, the bad and the confusing

Stem cell therapies offer great potential for treating diseases However a lot of questions remain to be answered before this potential can be realised..

Genetic Tests

All about interpreting

Profiling can be inherently valuable but we must keep it in the perspective of the entire picture of a persons health lifestyle environmental factors and the like..

Surgical Speciality

Advances in Cardiac Surgery

The combination of new intracardiac imaging technology and tooltracking systems with the dexterity and stability of robotic instruments will enable safe and reliable offpump intracardiac repair including Atrial Septal Defect ASD closure and the repai..

Quality Assurance Programmes for Surgery

How and why in Asia?

It is inevitable that the concept of quality assurance in surgery will expand worldwide and encompass other surgical disciplines the process will be driven by patients professionals and healthcare providers alike..


Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Tapping the potential

Pointofcare diagnostics are a potentially profitable growth area for the healthcare industry However there are several issues to be overcome before any pointofcare instrumentation can be successfully commercialised..

Oral-based Diagnostics

Oral diseases and beyond

With modern proteomic and genomic techniques it is possible to finetune diagnostics of oral diseases and monitor other diseases by oral diagnostics..

Vibration Response Imaging

A new methodology for measurement of lung vibrations

In what appears to be the first step towards a radiationfree noninvasive technology Vibration Response Imaging VRI has arrived VRITM an innovative technology developed by the Israelbased company Deep Breeze Ltd can create images of the lungs based on..

Technology, Equipment Devices

Partnerships and Innovation

The growth factors

Developing a product pipeline is being considered seriously and will be an essential factor for the growth of the Indian pharma market..

Networking Implanted Medical Devices

Ensuring effectiveness and security

Implanted medical devices present different security issues than traditional information systems and require different security risk analysis and mitigation techniques..


What lies ahead?

Biosimilars will eventually bring down the cost of biological medicines and in doing so will expand the market..

CyberKnife Radiosurgery

An emerging surgical revolution

The constellation of technologies that make up a modern CyberKnife system enable radiosurgery to be delivered with submillimetre accuracy to static lesions and better than 2 mm accuracy to targets that move with respiration..

Facilities Operations

Hospital of Tomorrow

The design perspective

The speciality of the Hospital of Tomorrow will be a combination of features for the wellbeing of not only the patients and their relatives but the doctors nurses and all the staff of the hospital as well..

Information Technology

Building a e-Hospital

Lessons from Taiwan

The application of information technology has improved the quality and lowered the cost of medical services in Taiwan..

Information Technology in Healthcare

Creating a stronger healthcare system

While improving computer systems would not eliminate all medical errors researchers believe it will reduce the errors dramatically Now is the time to share progress challenges and best practices to enable interoperability and link the ecosystem in th..