Cloud Computing Systems and Applications in Healthcare

Cloud Computing Systems and Applications in Healthcare

Pages: 245

Publisher: IGI Global

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Chintan Bhatt and S. K. Peddoju

Book Description:

The implementation of cloud technologies in healthcare is paving the way to more effective patient care and management for medical professionals around the world. As more facilities start to integrate cloud computing into their healthcare systems, it is imperative to examine the emergent trends and innovations in the field.

Cloud Computing Systems and Applications in Healthcare features innovative research on the impact that cloud technology has on patient care, disease management, and the efficiency of various medical systems. Highlighting the challenges and difficulties in implementing cloud technology into the healthcare field, this publication is a critical reference source for academicians, technology designers, engineers, professionals, analysts, and graduate students. This book has a wide coverage of topics like Adaptive Cloud Technology, Big Data Analytics, Crypto-Watermarking System, Data Security, Data Sharing, Neuro-Fuzzy Systems and Wireless Infrastructure.

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