Robotic Surgery Devices in Surgical Specialties

Robotic Surgery Devices in Surgical Specialties

Pages: 257

Publisher: Springer Cham

Year of Publication: 2023

Author(s) : John Peach Apple, Lydia Masako Ferreira

Book Description:

This engaging book is focused on surgical devices applied to several robotic systems, besides the da Vinci Robotic System, covering more than ten surgical medical specialties. The eighteen well written, objective and didactic chapters are divided into types of devices, their limitations and indications.

Great exponents of surgery in Robotic System science and technology provides the readers with innovations in the field of Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Cardiac Surgery, Gastrosurgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Urology and Thoracic Surgery in Solo Surgery Robots.

Robotic Surgery Devices in Surgical Specialties will cover a target audience that goes beyond a single specialty; medical students, residents, fellows and even experts on the subject will find this title of great value. It will certainly be the bedside book for several professionals and a source of inspiration for many to follow the field of robotic surgery.