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Broncus Completes Acquisition of Full Stake in Hangzhou Jingliang

Friday, November 24, 2023

Broncus is thrilled announces the successful completion of an Equity Transfer Agreement between Broncus Hangzhou and Hangzhou Jingliang's shareholders. This agreement marks Broncus' acquisition of 100% equity interest in Hangzhou Jingliang.

Broncus stands as a groundbreaking medical device company, specializing in interventional pulmonology. It offers precise diagnostic and treatment solutions for lung diseases worldwide, boasting comprehensive platforms for navigation, diagnosis, and treatment that have effectively addressed previously unmet clinical needs.

In the medical industry, surgical robots have emerged as crucial tools for performing precise operations within the human body's confined spaces. Broncus has developed advanced multimodal image automatic matching and integration technology, serving as a cornerstone for flexible lung surgical robots. Recognizing the demand for flexible operations within narrow tracheobronchial lumens, the industry emphasizes the necessity of deploying natural orifice transluminal (trans-bronchial) surgical robot products.

Hangzhou Jingliang, the target company, specializes in producing and processing medical devices and developing software/hardware, showcasing innovative manufacturing and intelligent production capabilities. Leveraging Broncus's core technological advantages, including research and development in flexible catheter products, fiber optic navigation, and software and algorithm development for flexible transbronchial surgical robots, the acquisition aims to enhance technologies like robot control and driving system platform development within the group. This strategic move enables the group to strengthen innovation in existing interventional pulmonology diagnosis and treatment products through complementary resource integration.

Furthermore, this acquisition is anticipated to enhance the company's research and development capabilities, enriching its current product offerings. By combining existing interventional diagnosis and treatment methods, the goal is to assemble a comprehensive life-cycle interventional pulmonology diagnostic and therapeutic platform.