Deep Bio Receives Marketing Authorisation from Swissmedic for DeepDx Prostate

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Deep Bio announced that it has obtained marketing authorisation from Swissmedic for the AI-powered prostate cancer diagnostic software, DeepDx Prostate. 

This approval allows Deep Bio to launch their product in Switzerland and marks an important step in their expansion efforts in Europe.

DeepDx Prostate is the first diagnostic software aimed at enhancing diagnostic accuracy. Its focus on optimising clinical management and patient outcomes is a crucial advancement in the field of prostate cancer diagnosis.  

DeepDx Prostate is an AI-powered software for assessing prostate cancer on digital whole slide images of haematoxylin and eosin-stained prostate core-needle biopsies represent a cutting-edge approach to pathology and cancer diagnosis. 

By automating the identification, grading, and quantification of cancerous lesions, DeepDx Prostate empowers pathologists to provide more precise and efficient prostate cancer diagnoses. This not only reduces subjectivity in the diagnostic process but also streamlines the workflow, potentially leading to quicker results and improved patient care.

The growing list of countries where DeepDx Prostate has gained approval highlights Deep Bio's dedication to enhancing global access to high-quality healthcare and advancing prostate cancer diagnosis through AI-driven innovation.