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GE Healthcare and Biofourmis Join Forces to Expand Patient Monitoring at Home Using Virtual Care Solutions

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

GE HealthCare (Nasdaq: GEHC) and Biofourmis have recently announced a strategic partnership aimed at advancing continuous care by enabling safe, effective, and accessible home-based care to support patients beyond hospital stays. This collaboration brings together the expertise of both companies to expand and deliver innovative home care solutions.

Hospitals face challenges such as staff shortages, limited bed availability, and rising readmission rates, leading to increased care costs. Implementing home care programs, often incorporating virtual elements, has shown promise in reducing hospital stays and readmissions, thereby cutting overall care costs. Additionally, such programs can enhance patient recovery and safety, potentially lowering the risk of falls and hospital-acquired infections. Patients using remote home solutions report higher satisfaction with their care experience.

The goal of the GE HealthCare-Biofourmis collaboration is to facilitate earlier patient discharge, providing an alternative to facility-based care while ensuring high-quality home care and promoting healthy patient behaviors through remote management. Moreover, Biofourmis' FDA-cleared, AI-guided algorithms offer valuable insights to care teams, facilitating efficient and personalized home care delivery. Biofourmis provides home care solutions through its digital platform, integrating FDA-cleared AI-guided algorithms, clinical-grade wearable devices, in-home services orchestration technology, and nursing services.

These solutions offer various dynamic care pathways with questionnaire-branching logic, enhancing clinical context for care teams. GE HealthCare's FlexAcuity™ monitoring solutions, along with its virtual care offerings such as Mural ICU, Command Center, and Digital CMU, are adaptable to rapidly changing patient needs in hospitals, reflecting a legacy of innovation. By incorporating Biofourmis' virtual home care solutions into its offerings, GE HealthCare extends the care continuum beyond the hospital, empowering care teams with a comprehensive patient perspective beyond hospital walls.