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GE Healthcare Introduces Precision Care: Unveiling Elevated LOGIQ Ultrasound System Portfolio at European Congress of Radiology 2024

Thursday, February 29, 2024

GE Healthcare (Nasdaq: GEHC) has introduced its latest ultrasound innovation with the launch of the advanced LOGIQ ultrasound portfolio, featuring the new LOGIQ Totus. This release marks a significant step forward in GE Healthcare's commitment to advancing precision care, building upon the trusted legacy of the LOGIQ brand in general ultrasound imaging for over three decades. The upgraded LOGIQ portfolio offers cutting-edge features and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools tailored to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers. These include streamlined imaging, improved workflow efficiency, and Verisound digital and AI solutions, encompassing reporting, fleet management, AI, and collaboration tools.

The global shortage of radiologists, with estimated deficits of up to 35,600 physicians in the United States by 2034, underscores the challenges faced by clinicians due to increased demand and burnout rates. GE Healthcare aims to address these challenges by driving innovation that enables precision care, empowering clinicians to optimize patient care with ease and efficiency. The comprehensive range of advanced solutions within the LOGIQ portfolio enhances clinical confidence through proven features and AI tools, delivering patient-centered care across diverse clinical settings and addressing clinicians' most pressing challenges and burdens.

To meet these challenges head-on, the LOGIQ E10 Series and LOGIQ Fortis now feature new AI-based workflow and decision-support tools for diagnostic-quality imaging and clinical decision-making. The integration of the Vscan Air CL handheld ultrasound with these systems as a wireless dual-probe offers added flexibility.

The advanced capabilities accessible with LOGIQ E10 Series and LOGIQ Fortis maintain ease of operation while enhancing functionality and efficiency. Additionally, the new LOGIQ Totus joins the LOGIQ family as a versatile ultrasound solution with an ergonomic-friendly design, advanced imaging quality, and comprehensive specialty tools, improving workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence.

Equipped with advanced transducers and the ability to integrate the handheld, wireless Vscan Air CL probe, the system enables rapid assessment of patient needs across various clinical scenarios. Other features include AI-powered decision support and voice control, potentially increasing productivity and simplifying complexities, thus enabling clinicians to deliver optimal care. These latest advancements in the LOGIQ portfolio harness the power of artificial intelligence and handheld wireless ultrasound probes to enhance clinician efficiency and confidence in delivering quality care.