Kakao Healthcare Signs Distribution and Integrated Service Agreement with i-SENS

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Kakao Healthcare and i-Sense have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and blood sugar management services.

The collaboration between iSense's biosensor expertise, Kakao Healthcare's platform, and artificial intelligence capabilities is geared towards offering groundbreaking digital healthcare services with the ultimate aim of reducing the prevalence of diabetes.

Under this agreement, both organisations are poised to deliver cutting-edge digital healthcare services by synergising Kakao Healthcare's robust platform and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities with iSense's profound expertise in biosensors, particularly in the realm of continuous blood glucose metres.

This comprehensive contract encompasses the provision and distribution of CareSense Air, iSense's state-of-the-art continuous blood glucose monitor, alongside a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing digital blood sugar management services through the utilisation of CGM data.

Both companies plan to enhance the algorithm based on blood sugar data, establish a diabetes education programme for users, and collaborate closely to ensure the correct utilisation of continuous blood glucose metres, while also providing valuable diabetes-related knowledge and information.


Source: kakaohealthcare.com