Lunit and Leeds NHS Trust to Launch First AI Study in Breast Clinic Setting

Monday, September 18, 2023

Lunit, in collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, is embarking on a groundbreaking prospective study set to transform breast cancer detection within symptomatic breast clinic environments. 

This initiative focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of Lunit INSIGHT MMG, an AI-powered mammography analysis solution, in comparison to the conventional double human reading approach.

The primary goal of this pioneering study is to assess and compare the sensitivity and specificity of Lunit INSIGHT MMG, gauge its acceptability among both patients and the NHS workforce, and determine the cost-effectiveness of its integration into the "one-stop" breast clinic model.

Symptomatic breast clinics are specialised medical facilities dedicated to diagnosing individuals with breast-related symptoms, playing a crucial role in ensuring timely assessments and diagnoses. However, these clinics often face challenges due to radiologist shortages.

To address these challenges, Lunit and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust are launching an evaluation to establish that Lunit INSIGHT MMG, when used alongside a human reader, is non-inferior to the current double human reading approach. 

This collaborative effort represents a significant milestone in advancing AI-driven breast cancer diagnosis in symptomatic breast clinic settings.