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New Strategic Alliance Unveiled: Alliance Global and Hatsuno Kiseki Join Forces in Exciting Partnership

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Alliance Global FZ LLC (AGBL), a prominent biomedical hub serving regions spanning the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, proudly declares an exclusive collaboration with Hatsuno Kiseki, a pioneer in postbiotic wellness. This strategic partnership signifies a significant milestone, aiming to broaden the accessibility of Hatsuno Kiseki’s innovative postbiotic products across the Gulf region, South Asia, Levant, North, West, and East Africa. Hatsuno Kiseki is recognized for its dedication to advancing wellness through pioneering postbiotic innovations, derived from probiotic fermentation, offering multifaceted health benefits including supporting gut health, immune modulation, and overall well-being.

This alliance capitalizes on Hatsuno Kiseki’s cutting-edge postbiotic formulations, acknowledged for their quality and efficacy, combined with AGBL’s extensive distribution network and market proficiency. With a mutual objective of enhancing the landscape of well-being, the aim is to provide accessible state-of-the-art postbiotic solutions that elevate health outcomes.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  1. Expanded Accessibility: AGBL will exclusively distribute Hatsuno Kiseki’s comprehensive range of postbiotic products, ensuring broader availability and access to innovative wellness solutions.

  2. Aligned Objectives: Both Hatsuno Kiseki and AGBL share a commitment to improving health outcomes. This collaboration empowers healthcare providers with advanced postbiotic solutions catering to individuals seeking cutting-edge wellness.

  3. Streamlined Distribution: Leveraging AGBL’s established distribution network, Hatsuno Kiseki’s postbiotic formulations will efficiently reach healthcare institutions, promising a more responsive approach to meeting wellness needs.

The partnership between Hatsuno Kiseki and AGBL promises a progressive journey in postbiotic wellness across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It signifies a notable stride towards nurturing healthier lives and equipping healthcare providers with state-of-the-art solutions.