Pi-Cardia Completes its ShortCut™ Pivotal Study Enrolment

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Pi-Cardia announced the successful completion of its ShortCut™ Pivotal Study enrolment. ShortCut™ is the world's first device designed to address a pressing concern in transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures.

ShortCut™ has been meticulously designed to safely split the leaflets of existing valves, facilitating secure TAVR interventions for patients who face a heightened risk of coronary obstruction during the procedure.

Pi-Cardia product portfolio encompasses innovative solutions designed to address complex challenges in the field of cardiovascular interventions. Among these offerings is ShortCut™, a cutting-edge tool tailored to mitigate potential complications in patients undergoing transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR) by effectively splitting leaflets.

In addition to ShortCut™ Mitral, it also introduces Leaflex™, a standalone mechanical scoring device that doesn't require implantation. This remarkable technology serves to restore leaflet mobility and enhance haemodynamics in patients suffering from aortic stenosis.

One of the significant challenge during TAVR implantation, is the existing valve leaflets are pushed sideways, compromising normal sinus flow and coronary access. This may result into life-threatening complete coronary obstruction, especially in patients seeking TAVR for failing bioprosthetic valves. 

ShortCut™ offers a promising remedy by splitting pre-existing valve leaflets, ensuring a safer valve-in-valve procedure. This innovation holds the potential to widen the TAVR market's reach to younger patients.


Source: businesswire.com