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Roche acquires LumiraDx's Point of Care tech for multi-modal diagnostics platform

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Roche has recently announced a definitive agreement to acquire specific segments of the LumiraDx group associated with LumiraDx's innovative Point of Care (POC) technology. The completion of the transaction is anticipated by mid-2024, and upon closure, the acquired components will be seamlessly integrated into Roche Diagnostics.

LumiraDx has developed a highly adaptable platform known for its robust performance across multiple disease areas and technologies in the POC sector. This acquisition is expected to contribute to improved patient access to timely results within decentralized healthcare settings globally. Veronique Ameye, LumiraDx's Chief Executive Officer, expressed excitement about Roche continuing the crucial work initiated by LumiraDx, extending its impact worldwide and providing faster, more accessible diagnostic testing for patients.

Roche's strategic vision involves fostering patient-centric healthcare, and the acquisition aligns with this goal, expanding their influence in the POC technology domain. LumiraDx's platform, with its ability to consolidate various POC tests on a single instrument, aims to revolutionize community-based healthcare by offering convenient access to diagnostic testing. The integration of LumiraDx's capabilities into Roche Diagnostics is expected to be a milestone in achieving this objective.

Veronique Ameye emphasized the significance of the acquisition in advancing the transformation of community-based healthcare. Roche aims to extend POC solutions across the entire patient journey, covering home care, pharmacies, general practitioner offices, emergency rooms, and intensive care units.

The acquired technology platform boasts a wide array of immunoassay and clinical chemistry tests, with the potential for developing additional high-value medical tests in the future. Notably, these tests can be stored at room temperature, enhancing convenience in diverse decentralized healthcare settings.

Roche intends to leverage its extensive global reach and established affiliate network to ensure widespread access to accurate diagnostic results precisely where and when patients need them. This strategic move aligns with Roche's commitment to enhancing patient-centric healthcare by providing comprehensive POC solutions across diverse healthcare settings.