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SeekIn and OncoInv Collaborate to Expand Global Access to Diverse Cancer Detection Tests and Bridge Disparities in Care

Saturday, December 16, 2023

SeekIn, a leading innovator in blood-based cancer detection and monitoring technology, has recently announced a strategic collaboration with Oncolnv, a wholly-owned affiliate of Inspire2Live. The objective of this collaboration is to extend the global reach of their diverse cancer detection tests and address the existing disparities in cancer care. Commencing this December, Oncolnv will take charge of the distribution of SeekIn's comprehensive range of cancer detection tests, including OncoSeek, SeekInCare, SeekInCure, and SeekInClarity, across twelve countries. These countries include Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Qatar, Singapore, Tanzania, and the UAE.

OncoSeek, one of SeekIn's key tests, is specifically designed for screening nine common cancer types using seven protein tumor markers (PTMs). On the other hand, SeekInCare, SeekInCure, and SeekInClarity are tailored for early cancer detection, recurrence monitoring, and treatment monitoring, respectively. These tests incorporate shallow whole genomic sequencing and PTMs.

During the Inspire2Live congress, attendees were provided with the opportunity to undergo an OncoSeek test, exemplifying the commitment of both organizations to revolutionizing cancer detection and treatment. The collaboration between SeekIn and Oncolnv leverages their extensive networks and dedication to serving cancer patients globally. This aims to equip healthcare providers with advanced detection technologies, contributing to the fight against this devastating disease.

Oncolnv, with its focus on clinical settings, places significant emphasis on cancer screening, early diagnosis, and personalized monitoring, prioritizing patient care. The partnership with SeekIn provides Oncolnv with valuable access to comprehensive cancer detection solutions for diverse healthcare systems, helping to bridge global disparities in cancer care.

Furthermore, this collaboration paves the way for future research initiatives, creating opportunities for joint clinical trials, the exchange of information, and the collaborative development of innovative cancer detection methodologies. By leveraging the collective expertise of both organizations, this collaborative effort is poised to enhance patient outcomes and increase survival rates in the realm of cancer care.