Thornhill Medical Increases Production of MADM™, its Mobile Gas Anesthesia Technology Designed for Extreme Conditions

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Thornhill Medical has recently announced its efforts to ramp up the production of its MADM™ mobile anesthesia delivery technology. This initiative is driven by the increasing demand for compact, lightweight, and portable medical equipment in the context of growing global conflicts and humanitarian crises. Having secured approvals from both the FDA and Health Canada, MADM™ is designed to seamlessly connect to various ventilators, providing a safe and accurate means of administering gas anesthesia.

The compact and lightweight design of MADM™ makes it particularly well-suited for deployment in challenging environments such as field hospitals and forward-deployed surgical scenarios. Its quick setup, ease of use, and small footprint address the specific requirements of situations where time, space, and mobility are critical factors.

Notably, MADM™, when coupled with the circle-circuit ventilator and oxygen generator embedded in MOVES® SLC™, offers an innovative solution to conserve gas anesthesia by allowing its reuse. This feature is especially valuable in situations where a significant supply of compressed oxygen may not be readily available due to logistical challenges or geographical distance. The development of MADM™ in collaboration with the US Marine Corps (USMC) and its deployment in critical care scenarios, including a recent mission in Ukraine, is detailed in a newly released white paper, providing insights into its practical application in real-world settings.