Zeta Surgical Announces Successful Treatment of First Patient

Friday, June 23, 2023

Zeta Surgical announced the successful treatment of the first patient using the Zeta Cranial Navigation System in the first-in-human trial at Singapore's National Neuroscience Institute (NNI).

The trial aims to assess the safety, effectiveness, and feasibility of the Zeta Cranial Navigation System for pin-less bedside ventriculostomy procedures. This achievement represents a major step toward making surgical guidance more widely available in the field of neurosurgery and neuroscience.

The Zeta Cranial Navigation System allows for the placement of a navigated bedside ventricular catheter in a mobile patient without the need for cranial pinning. This is a remarkable accomplishment as it brings the high level of precision typically found in neurosurgical operating rooms at select institutions to patients in various settings such as the emergency room, intensive care unit, or operating room.

By democratising medicine, this accomplishment has the potential to make a significant difference in a wide range of procedures.