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ClearPoint Neuro Announces Agreement with NE Scientific

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

ClearPoint Neuro announced an exclusive worldwide agreement with NE Scientific to develop a GPU-accelerated software solution for modelling of drug infusions delivered with the ClearPoint SmartFlow® cannula.

Under the terms of the agreement, this first of many software collaborations will enable simulation of patient-specific infusion in real time to predict the distribution of therapeutic agents in 4D before the actual procedure.

The accuracy of the ClearPoint system allows for precise dosing and targeted delivery of therapeutic agents across the blood brain barrier. Real time simulation of patient-specific infusion will be of tremendous help to neurosurgeons performing these procedures. It presents a unique opportunity for optimisation and monitoring of infusion parameters, including cannula tip location, flow rate, and percentage coverage.

Coupled with Maestro, this new software will allow optimization of infusion parameters including target points, flow rate, infusion coverage and leakage outside of target-specific boundaries. The simulation software will require standard structural and diffusion pre-operative MRI scans. Infusions can be planned either in the pre-operative MRI space and registered to intra-operative MRI case data, or in the OR space using an intra-operative CT.