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GE Healthcare Completes Acquisition of MIM Software, Strengthening Portfolio and Precision Care Strategy

Monday, April 01, 2024

GE Healthcare Technologies is excited to announce the successful completion of its acquisition of MIM Software, integrating advanced imaging analytics and digital workflow solutions into its renowned global medical technology portfolio. This addition, including MIM SurePlan, MIM Symphony families, MIM Maestro, MIM Encore, and more, perfectly aligns with GE Healthcare's precision care strategy. This strategy aims to provide innovative digital solutions across various disease states, enhancing precision, connectivity, and efficiency in patient care pathways. These new capabilities reinforce our commitment to personalized patient treatment, improved hospital efficiency, and clinician effectiveness, presenting an excellent opportunity for both existing and potential users of GE Healthcare and MIM Software to enhance patient care and outcomes.

As the complexity and volume of patient procedures increase across different care areas, healthcare organizations are facing significant challenges such as staffing shortages and clinical obstacles. The growing availability of novel therapies and the rapid evolution of healthcare further emphasize the need for operational efficiency, simplified patient management, and precise analysis of imaging data. The integration of MIM Software into GE Healthcare's portfolio strengthens our ability to address these challenges by offering established solutions that streamline essential tasks, optimize workflows, and promote standardization across healthcare systems.

This integrated suite of digital solutions offers numerous benefits across various care domains. In oncology, for instance, MIM Software's clinical tools combined with GE Healthcare's imaging solutions provide clinicians with enhanced flexibility, automation, and efficiency. This includes streamlined processing, structured reporting, rapid contouring, advanced image fusion, dosimetry capabilities, simplified IT integration, and remote access, ultimately improving healthcare productivity and enabling personalized patient care. Special emphasis is placed on radiation therapy, where MIM Software's solutions offer interoperable tools to simplify treatment planning, ensure high-quality treatment delivery, and reduce time to treatment.