Holmusk Partners with Streamline Healthcare Solutions

Friday, June 23, 2023

Holmusk recently made an announcement about its partnership with Streamline Healthcare Solutions, with the aim of leveraging advanced analytics to enhance care delivery.

Through this ongoing partnership with Streamline Healthcare Solutions, as well as the new collaboration with Mental Health Partners, Holmusk expands the presence of MaST in the United States.

MaST, the Management and Supervision Tool developed by Holmusk, is an advanced software platform designed to assist healthcare professionals in making informed decisions. It utilises predictive analytics to support decision-making processes, particularly in prioritising individuals who may be at risk of a mental health crisis.

The tool rapidly identify clinically relevant information from patient electronic health records (EHRs) at a speed surpassing human capacity. MaST empowers providers to make more accurate decisions regarding resource allocation. Through the utilisation of MaST, healthcare professionals can leverage predictive analytics to improve decision-making, leading to more effective care delivery.