NeuroMetrix® Launches DPNCheck® 2.0, a Screening Test for Peripheral Neuropathy

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

NeuroMetrix, Inc. introduced DPNCheck® 2.0 a new fast, accurate, quantitative screening test to detect peripheral neuropathy.

DPNCheck 2.0, latest point-of-care device, leveraging gold-standard nerve conduction technology, offers rapid patient screening with quantitative measurement of peripheral nerve function. It makes use of easy-to-use touchscreen, onboard step-by-step instructions, presents improved temperature compensation, real-time nerve response display and other enhancements.

Peripheral neuropathy is the damage caused to peripheral nerves affecting 30% aged population. Health providers have stated that early detection of this disease can reduce the patient’s risk of foot ulcers, falls, pain and other complications. Thus, the addition of nerve conduction technology for screening of peripheral neuropathy have shown improvements for these complications by providing results more accurately than traditional clinical approaches such as the monofilament and tuning fork tests.

DPNCheck® 2.0 device is the newest version of the DPNCheck device to address the needs of the clinical partners.

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