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RefleXion and Limbus AI Collaborate to Enhance Cancer Treatment Planning with Integrated Technology

Friday, March 29, 2024

RefleXion Medical, a pioneering company in therapeutic oncology, has teamed up with Limbus AI, a leading provider of software solutions for cancer radiation therapy. Together, they have announced a licensing agreement to integrate Limbus' innovative automated contouring software, Limbus Contour, into the RefleXion® X1 radiotherapy treatment planning system.

This partnership aims to address a critical bottleneck in the process of planning cancer treatments - accurately delineating the tumor target from surrounding organs and healthy tissue. Traditionally, this task has relied on manual contouring by clinicians, which is time-consuming and prone to variability.

Limbus Contour utilizes advanced deep-learning segmentation algorithms to automate this process, significantly reducing human error and ensuring precise radiation delivery to target areas while minimizing damage to nearby organs at risk.

The RefleXion® X1 system, renowned for its high-resolution imaging capabilities and SCINTIX® technology, complements Limbus Contour's functionality. By integrating Limbus Contour with the X1 system, clinicians can benefit from enhanced precision in delineating tumor boundaries and adjacent structures, leading to more consistent and reliable treatment plans.

With FDA clearance for treating solid tumors of any stage, the RefleXion® X1 platform offers both biologic and anatomic treatment modalities. The integration of Limbus Contour is expected to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of both modalities, marking a significant advancement in cancer treatment planning and patient care.